NEW: 300K-800K BTC @ -3% gross, Las Vegas - Look For Seller

(Buyer : O C)

Post: 22.1.2019


  • 300K-800K BTC -5%/-3%


  • 1. Seller will show BTC wallet POC

  • 2. Buyer will also provide POF 

  • 3. Seller sends a little amount of coin to the BUYERS provided wallet for analyzing and confirming the coin is in their custody with also a short code attached to the description. 

  • 4. Buyer verified POC with buyer’s short code 

  • 5. Bank officers releases full payment to seller specified bank account, at the purchase price of the BUYER’s specified BTC’s amount for the 1st tranche

  • 6. SELLER will transfer specified amount of BTC to BUYERS wallet. 

  • 7. On both seller and buyer’s advice of posting status and screen details, buyer shall verify and authenticates the tranche posting. 

  • 8. SELLER will act as paymaster to execute the distribution of commission for both seller and buyer consultant/ intermediaries. Commission will be paid after each successful tranche.

  • Procedure negotiable 


Interested parties should contact: