NEW: 500K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Escrow, USA  - Look For Buyer

(Seller: G P)

Date: 19.1.2019

  • New US seller has 500K BTC. -5% gross, -2% net for buyer, -3% brokers ( -1.5% buyer side, 1.5% for you/seller side), 1% escrow paid by seller.

  • Preferably US buyer. So then Family Offices in US looking to buy btc would be a good match, imo.

  • Seller is willing to sell less quantity as well eg. 100K, 300K btc etc


  • 1.       Buyer mandate and seller mandate will communicate the offer and describe the transaction and duties and responsibilities of parties, and the terms and conditions of the forwarded Deed of Agreement. 

  • 2.      Seller shall communicate directly with buyer (NOT buyer's mandate or agent)

  • 3.       Buyer shall show Proof of Funds for the First Tranche in currency required by the Seller and agreed as a transactional currency. The Proof of Funds must have a Bank Statement not more than a week old attached to it. The seller will only accept verifiable POF from the buyer.

  • 4.     Buyer issues LOI and Seller shall via his mandate show BTC balance of his Trezor Wallet for balance not less than first tranche amount. The POC will be done via Skype/Zoom Meeting Live Screen Sharing Transmission, with both the buyer and the seller on the call. Seller will show buyer the available balance of each account in the Trezor Wallet and send a Satoshi Amount from one of the Wallet Accounts to buyer as proof of ownership of the wallet. Buyer then sends back the Satoshi amount to the seller’s wallet. The POC Skype Live Screen Sharing Transmission will be closed upon satisfaction of the buyer.

  • 5.       The seller will issue the Draft Escrow Contract to the buyer for review and Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions by the BUYER, the Bitcoin (BTC) sales and agreement will be signed by all parties and trade begins.

  • 6.     Upon receipt of the signed agreement by the seller, seller issues the invoice for the first Tranche and sends copy to buyer.

  • 7. Within 24 Working Hours upon receipt of the seller’s invoice by the Buyer, the buyer makes payment via Wire Transfer to Escrow Agent and sends proof of payment.

  • 8.     On notice from the Escrow Agent to Seller that the requisite sum has been received from Buyer and credited to the Escrow account, Seller will immediately release the coins to the Buyer.

  • 9.     Escrow pays seller’s intermediaries and releases the remainder funds to seller.


Interested parties should contact :