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OTCbid connects BTC Buyers and Sellers from high net-worth individuals to institutional investors, hedge funds, banks, family offices, royal families and Bitcoin miners.

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OTCbid promotes your BTC Buyers and Sellers services and reach your target audience by BTC Listing and marketing service. We connect BTC investors and digital advertising communities through a wide range of social media advertising in an effort to capture potential BTC Buyers and Sellers worldwide. We promote your BTC sales in social media Telegram, Linkedin and Facebook etc. 

We have 16,583 Linkedin followers and still growing everyday. More than 90% of our followers are from professionals and blockchain technology related businesses such as Fintech, Crypto trading, Bitcoin, IEO and ICO investors, big and small traders and investors from high net-worth individuals to institutional investors, hedge funds, investment banks, family offices, royal families and Bitcoin miners etc. This is one of the best marketing opportunitiesin Linkedin for all BTC Buyers and Sellers


We also provide Bitcoin Dealer services and acting as intermediary services.


(Note: Prices subject to changes anytime due to crypto currency volatility.​)


Listing Include:​

a. List on page categories of: City, Country, Escrow, Bank

b. Get 1 full page content listing for BTC Buyer or Seller

c. Blog post marketing on social media Telegram, Linkedin and Facebook.

d. Your contact business address, phone number, direct email etc ​​

Note: We immediately proceed the BTC Listing service once we received the BTC payment or through wire transfer payment. Listing will be live within hours of BTC content writing.


We connect BTC investors and digital advertising communities through a wide range of social media advertising in an effort to capture potential BTC investors worldwide. We can promote to increase traffic visitors from BTC investors to your BTC landing page through social media Telegram, Linkedin and Facebook etc to your site as long as those visitors are likely to purchase your BTC.


How to Promote:


1. BTC Listing and publication of BTC sales and links in social networks and communities. 


2. We custom design a full page BTC content providing all essential informations on blogs, publish news, press releases, and details about your BTC dealss with your website address. It may include independent reviews from experts presented in Youtube format or from independent reviews from news articles.


3. Promote your BTC Listings on social media professional groups such as Telegram, Linkedin and Facebook etc.


4. We have 16,583 Linkedin followers and still growing everyday. More than 90% of our followers are from professionals and blockchain technology related businesses such as Crypto trading, Bitcoin investors, big and small traders and investors, bitcoin miners etc. This is the best marketing opportunities to all ICO investors in Linkedin.​

DISCLAIMER: All information listed in the BTC Listings is intended for information purposes. We do not provide investment, financial, or legal advice.​

Fee Payment:​

Payments Send To Bitcoin Wallet Address given​


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OTCbid does not provide any financial advice, financial products or services. Bitcoin is not a financial product. According to ASIC, Bitcoin does not fit within the current legal definition of a financial product in Australia.


We match Bitcoin buyers and sellers worldwide. We coordinate large volume of these trades involving buyers/sellers who have accounts with reputable banks and institutions to make sure their clients are fully verified and abiding by regulations.


OTCbid desk deals involves extreme high risk with big whale bitcoin speculators and market price volatility that can contribute to an adverse effect on any investment in crypto assets. You should be capable of evaluating market volatility, the merits and risks of the investment. We advice you always do your own due diligence on bitcoin OTC desk deals of buyers and sellers or seek independent expert advice on what to invest on OTC desk deals, and be prepare to face the potential risk of losing your entire investment portfolios. Always invest the amount that you can afford to loss.

Our OTCbid desk deals should not be interpreted as an endorsement of each OTC deal. This platform is not a trading investment advice or any recommendation to trade. You trade at your own risk as cryptocurrency OTC deals are speculative, complex and involve significant risks. Always engage your own independent crypto expert advice, before relying information on this platform. You should also verify your own trading deals including its legal status and relevant regulatory requirements as part of trading strategies. Lastly, always conduct your own due diligence to protect traders from the wide variety of scams and schemes that target OTC trades daily.

*Disclaimer: All contents here are for educational/information purposes only and should not be considered investment or trading advice.

OTCbid does not provide any investment, financial, tax, legal or other professional advice. We recommend that you consult with financial and tax advisors to understand the risks and consequences of buying, selling and holding Bitcoin.