Post: 8.10.2018

New Buyers:


Post: 8.10.2018

# AAA. USA Buyer / JP Morgan/ Starts with 5k/ Open Discount/ Simple Procedures /Satoshi first 


Post: 5.10.2018



I have a top buyer / with 100BB to spend / satoshi /Ledger 2 Ledger  or escrow looking for 7/5 or 8/5 will buy bit coin like no tomorrow :) myself plus 1 and buyer mandate. LOI ? First step ?


1B. New - LOI sent - Buyer for 500 BTC + / Need to verify discount 


1C. 500K 6/4 Dicount. No Need for satoshi


1D. 50K per Day Buyer

Private Wealth Management buyer of Bitcoins. ( He works with UHNW, Pensions Funds, Hedge Funds and Family Offices). He is seeking 50K purchase per day.  He does not have to meet the sellers, just follow simple procedures, set up at top law firms in the USA.


He can buy in multiple tranches a day using the multiple law firms (bonded) and multiple wallets.  He uses a global law firm for escrow: SMP Partner, Locke Lord, Dentons, Greenberg Taurig and Wilmington Trust.


1E. Have a serious buyer"  Up To 330K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Switzerland  - Look For Seller 

A pension fund Buyer has RWA Risk-weighted asset and wants to buy 330K btc

Discount -5% gross, -2% net, -1% for buyer mandate, -2% for buyer and seller brokers

Buyer has money with a German Fund  company in Switzerland.

We are serious people, well connected with a friend of the mandate buyer in Monaco.

Flexible procedures:

KYC/AML/PoF provided 

F2F, Bank2Bank, Escrow etc

 - Conditions: 5% gross / -2% net
 - BTC amount currently: Up to 350k
 - IMFPA 2 Paymaster
 - KYC, AML and PoF over 2 billion euros for onboarding




1. 850K Buyer  HK and a Buyer in Germany 7/4 NDA sign by seller - Send your clear Procedures

2.   Buyer Trezor Wallet 70K BTC - 3 Net 

3.  500K BTC 7/4 50K Per Day Tranches - Double Signature Waller Procedure - 3 Party Verification W Escrow -No Satoshi 
                   Buyer Funds i the Bahamas

4.  500K_ Sports Group - Net 6 Required - Seller needs to show KYC since they are regulated. They can show POF and LOI

5. Buyer - 1-2 Million Coins / Gross -8 / net -4

If buyer send MT199 as POF
Seller will send Satoshi

If buyer sends LOA as POF
Seller will send LOA as POC


This is for 100K with R/E – it can be changed
The MT799 must be in place for 13 months (although after 3 months the buyer can cancel, they just need to let us know). The reason for this is explained below*
You cannot monetize an MT799, we are using our own funds as cover payment
We run a 15-day cycle of moving coins from cold to hot – this is vital to cover point 5 and the rate we can guarantee
On day 1 we set the strike rate which will be the rate the buyer pays for the entire length of the contract, so for 13 months, the price won’t increase from say $7,000. If it ‘doubles’ during this period, we have a right to cancel the contract or set a new price. If it drops below, we will honor that price as we push the coins.
We can agree to set a higher discount for these deals IF the deal is for 200K btc and above (the more coins we move from cold storage the better for us on price)

A typical 200K deal structure with Rolls & Extensions:

MT799 is delivered, checked & verified – new wallet address is created for buyer
Within 72 hours, 2% of the total contracted amount delivered to the new wallet
Within 10 business days we deliver 48% of the total contracted to the new wallet
Within 15 business days and from that day forward we can move as fast as the blockchain will allow – moving coins to the new wallet
When the buyer requires the private key of the new wallet we will supply, completing the transaction


The buyer will receive an invoice after the 15-day cycle for the coins with a 60-day payment term
The buyer after that 60th day can then decide if they wish to cancel the MT799 and pay the outstanding invoice or just pay the invoice when its arrive and continue on with the block and purchase more coins

*We require an initial 13 month block (which can be cancelled after 3 months), this is for longer term BTCbuyers with multiple tranches, if the buyer just wants the block in place for a few weeks then this program isn’t a good option.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions/comments.

6. 500K  6/4 Buyer ready to sign IMFPA. Open for Procedures

7.  Buyer looking for 250 k BTC at 6/4 with a satoshi.  -

8. OTC exchange looking for a -5 net and will start with 20 K BTC and go to 150 K BTC per week , they will need KYC/AML on the seller as they are regulated as well