NEW: 5000 BTC up to 1M BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Escrow Wilmington Trust USA - Look For Seller

(Buyer: D S)

Date: 15.1.2019

  • Buyer rep is direct to buyer there is no chain .....

  • Start with $ 1 m trial tranche, and go up to 5,000 BTC per day

  • Discount 5/2 

  • Can be 5000 twice a day to 5000 3 times a day until total amount of bitcoin is purchased 

  • Buyer has funds in escrow at Wilmington Trust “WT”. The funds was established to purchase BTC.

  • We can prepare a written Direction Pay Order to BTC Seller, as long as the seller can fulfill the following:

  • Procedures:

  • 1. Allow us to conduct the coin chain analysis

  • 2. Agree to take WT as the escrow agent for the FIAT

  • 3. On the day of the transction, we use weighted average price on at 8 am EST, 8.30 am EST, 9.00 am EST, 9.30 am EST and 10 am EST

  • 4. Both seller and buyer strike the price and Seller push the coin to Buyer wallet

  • 5. Upon 6 blockchain confirmation, we will instruct WT to release the FIAT to your account of choice

  • 6. We will start with $ 1 m trial tranche, and go up to 5,000 BTC per day

  • 7. W8 or W9 may need to be provided by WT to release funds to seller.

  • These are the procedures

  •  "direction pay order" ... meaning seller doesn't have to be onboard as long as they are willing to get paid through Wilmington

  • Preferred direct contact with seller on the phone


Interested parties should contact :