NEW: 2000-3000 BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net  - Look For Buyer

(Seller: J G)

Date: 23.1.2019

  • I'm direct to seller rep who is direct to seller

  • Small deals of 2000 -3000 bitcoin -4% gross, -2% net  

  • Seller side closed

  • Will consider small purchases of 10 BTC ,however there will be no discount

  • Selling price based on current blockchain price NO premium will be added.

  • Bitcoin Seller Procedures:

  • 1. The buyer must open a new wallet with and provide the login information to the seller (such as email address and password)

  • 2. Seller will transfer bitcoins to the new wallet and private key will be issued by blockchain to complete the transaction.

  • 3. Buyer will confirm the bitcoins and send the payment to the seller's nominated bank account and change the login password for security purposes

  • 4. Upon confirmation of the payment, seller will release the private key to the buyer to complete the transaction

  • 5. Buyer will move the Bitcoins to another wallet for safe keeping. Regards John Greg


Interested parties should contact :