NEW: 100K BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, F2F in HK - Look For Buyer

(Seller: L J)

Post: 22.2.2019

  • I have a BTC seller in HK offering 100K btc , possible rolls and extensions

  • First tranche 1000 btc

  • Other tranches min 10,000 btc per tranche, axiu 100,000 btc per tranche

  • -3%/-1% discount.

  • First tranche must be paid in cash. Other tranches can be paid via bank to bank wire transfer or ladger-toladger transfer in same bank

  • Buyer will pay 2% of each tranches of market value as consultant and intermediary commissions specified in IMFPA agreement

  •  F2F, laptop to laptop, and B2B in Hong Kong.

  • Procedures. F2F in HK: 

  • 1. Buyer and seller ( through their representatives )  agree on pricing and terms ( including this procedures)

  • 2. Buyer issues MOU and consultant fees pay agreement IMFPA

  • 3. Buyer and seller exchange passport ID pages and set a date for TTM in buyer's bank in HK.

  • At TTM in bank, BTC/USD exchange occurs in tranches over several days or all at once. Each tranche will be executed as follows:

  • (a). Buyer and seller agree tranche quantity. The first tranche shall be set at 1000 BTC, and second and subsequent tranches shall be iniu 10,000 BTC or axiu of 100,000 per tranche. Then buyer and seller set tranche execution price as bitcoin market price published in within 30 minutes prior to sending the tranche payment. Then, buyer send tranche payment (equal to the tranche quantity multiplied by the tranche execution price, less the 3% gross discount) to seller via cash for the first tranche, or as bank-to-bank, or ledger-to-ledger transfer for second or subsequent tranches.

  • (b). On confirmation of funds receipt for the tranche, Seller transfer the tranche quantity of BTC to buyer's wallet

  • (c). Both parties wait in bank till bitcoin blockchain confirms the BTC transfer of the tranche quantity is irrevocable.

  • (d). Buyer pays the 2% tranche commissions as agreed in IMFPA

  • (e). Next tranche. Repeat 4(a) to 4(d) for every tranche until BTC supply from seller is exhausted


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