We match Bitcoin buyers and sellers worldwide from high net-worth individuals to institutional investors, hedge funds, banks, family offices, royal families, 
billionaires and Bitcoin miners.



OTCbid is an OTC Market for OTC (Over-The-Counter) desk trading services catered for Bitcoin investors from 28 countries and 49 cities worldwide.


OTCbid acts as inter-dealer broker ( intermediary ) services that match buyers and sellers of Bitcoin derivatives. The service caters for the increase institutional investors interested in Bitcoin as an asset class.

OTCbid will get a bid and an offer from buyers and sellers with price quotes to match and agree in transactional procedures. The bidding for well-priced deals for Bitcoin are less competitive compared to the typical Bitcoin exchange trading platforms.

Our clients are mostly wealthy individuals, royal families, hedge funds, institutional investors, banks, miners and family offices.Through our professional brokers, intermediaries and mandates, we help btc investors to process btc deals from small 10 btc to high volume cryptocurrency trades of well over 1,000,000 btc. 

Financial Advice

OTCbid does not provide any financial advice, financial products or services. Bitcoin is not a financial product. According to ASIC, Bitcoin does not fit within the current legal definition of a financial product in Australia.

We are not a money transmitter or transfer of funds are operated by banks or financial institutions. We only provide the delivery, communication or network access services used by a money transmitter to support transmission services.

Match BTC Buyers/Sellers Worldwide


We match Bitcoin buyers and sellers worldwide from high net-worth individuals to institutional investors, hedge funds, banks, family offices, royal families, billionaires and Bitcoin miners.


We coordinate large volume of these trades involving buyers/sellers who have accounts with reputable banks and institutions to make sure their clients are fully verified and abiding by regulations.

OTC (over-the-counter) refers to bitcoin trading via a dealer network as opposed to on a centralised exchange platform. OTCBID offers bitcoin brokerage service to facilitate large volume of BTC deals between buyers and sellers. There are strong demand for such services that OTCBID can help people to do big deals, which are very hard to do on typical exchange platforms.

Larger firms and institutional investors are entering the space and make larger orders of Bitcoin e.g. 100K+ BTC. The OTC markets have some advantages over exchanges since they eliminate slippage, improve privacy and have large volume order books.

Short Chains

OTCbid welcomes the short and long chain deals even though we know that long chain deals tend to get longer time to process and more lightly to fall apart towards the end..

We prepare to invest time or sacrifice time (or waste time) on the long chain deals (ie. 1-3 months to process) which tend to get 'lost' in process and holding up by intermediaries through delay/longer process. Both long and short chain deals have no guarantees in closing deals. The commission for long chain deal might not be as good as the short chain deal of 0.5% or $7.1M, but still getting 0.1% or $1.4M worth of bitcoin for each transaction, after sharing with 8 brokers ( worst chain) either on buyer or seller side.

We find ways to "smarten up" the long chain deals through minimising intermediary involvement, and encouraging direct mandate to mandate communication and complete negotiation process at ease.

Why We Don't Respond To Some Deals?

We don't normally respond to deals when we suspect there are "red flags" in deal procedures or simply shows signs of fake or scam deals or who are pushy, impatient, arrogant and rude dealers.

Most dealers in closing procedures are not negotiable or unable to do changes in procedures for any other reasons. In fact, many buyers/sellers do not follow or comply with procedures. At the end, the deals are off due to non-agree procedures from both parties and eventually breakdown in negotiation.

Unfortunately, brokers, buyers and sellers are frustrated and just blame each other or label as 'joker brokers', scammers, time waster or something similar or even blacklist us. In fact, they are the real scammers, joker brokers as far as we can see.

We are not a scammer! No one should be blamed as brokers, buyers and sellers do not normally agree with each other on some of the closing procedures, which is understandable.

What is a scammer?

According to Wikipedia, scammer is a "a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme." 

We simply don't respond to deals that are suspicious of dishonest fake brokers, fake buyers/sellers; un-realistic procedures; can't trust; deals do not make sense; fake promises; fake documents; fake deals etc.


We don't engage deals with brokers, buyers or sellers who are pushy, can't wait, impatient, rude, arrogant and disrespectful to us during the course of negotiations, even thought they are super real deal, rich, have lots of money, lots of funds or lots of Bitcoins.


That's the main reasons why we don't respond to these people. In return, they just label us a scammer or just blacklist us. We love that!

But, over time, they just come back to us to make deals! Why not? we always welcome them if they have changed and become a better person.



We are not a scammer. We never commit frauds or participate in a dishonest scheme!

According to Wikipedia, scammer is a "a person who commits fraud or participates in a dishonest scheme." 


"The scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the fraudster requires in order to obtain the large sum." Wikipedia

We haven't done any of above definition.


The word scammer is badly used, abused or misused in OTC market......Nearly every brokers , buyers or sellers are being labelled scammers.

I know that people who called a broker scammer are actually HATERS who simply want to ruin someone's reputation, simply because they didn't get the deals or things didn't go their way.

“Always remember… Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.“ - Ziad K. Abdelnour

" Protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good appearance with an ugly fiendish eye, and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues." – Michael Bassey Johnson


As Ellen DeGeneres says, "Be kind to one another"

Time Wasters

Again, the term "Time Waster" is commonly misused in OTC business. There are minimum time spent required in order to match buyers and sellers. We can be easily called "Time Waster" when brokers become frustrated with many questions to answer and yet getting no where or deals eventually don't match and fall apart. Then, they called you "Time Waster".

We are not Time Waster, we invest time and sacrifice time required in order to negotiate deals whether the deals are closing or not. If you don't invest time to get to know your brokers, buyers or sellers, how are you going to make deals happen?



It's similar to a door to door salesman who walk around in hoping to make sales for his products. He is not wasting time, he is sacrificing and allocating time for his business.

It is worth to waste time for large volume of BTC deals. Imagine 100,000 BTC deal, you can get 0.5% commission ie 500 BTC or $4,000,000 income within 3-4 week job. Time well spent!

About Raymond Chai

Founder OTCbid



Hello to all my awesome friends, 

Welcome to OTCbid website. I’m Raymond Chai and I’m the founder of 

This site is dedicated to bitcoin investors, professional buyers and sellers to browse the site and hopefully make some awesome kick-ass deals with me.

We’re all not perfect at time, but I am improving my services to look after investors from high-net-worth individuals to family offices, billionaires, hedge funds, miners and institutional investors. 

If you are direct to buyer or sellers or mandates, I like to hear from you. I try to avoid long chain deals. Please, note that if I suspect fake deals, I won’t respond to your request just to avoid wasting time for all of us.

I’m generally intermediary dealer. Sometimes, I’m direct to mandates. Other times, I’m direct to buyers or sellers. I do all trades regardless of intermediary, mandate or buyers/sellers, as long as short chains of 3 people max in a team.

Due to many deals coming onboard with limited resources I have, I may not be able to respond all your enquiries instantaneously.  


To be clear and transparent, as an intermediary, I’m also not able to vet/verify all buyers or sellers on POF, POC, KYC etc because buyers and sellers don’t pass sensitive information to me as an intermediary. However, these verifications are usually carried out during the procedure stage when lawyer to lawyer, bank to bank or escrow agencies meet together and formally verify buyers and sellers.

Good luck to you all in BTC investment. If you have a real genuine deal with short chain ie 3 people max in your team, please give me all details of btc quantity, price, % discounts, procedures, chain, location etc. If you have a serious match with any of the deals, please feel free to message me on:

If you are newbies or want to learn more about OTC deals regarding to scammers, crypto mainstream adoption or trends in crypto investment, please visit GUIDES page for more info.

Thank you for all of your time and supports and make this site truely awesome, enjoyable, crazy, scary, inspiring and informative.

Raymond Chai
Founder OTCbid

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Great honored to meet Anne-Marie Elias, Chief Disruptor, Policy & Startups from Catalysr. - 15 March 2019

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Honored to meet self-made millionaire Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder of  His next multibillion-dollar business is to create the first Crypto Bank of Australia. He was the winner of Blockchain Australia Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 - 23 July 2019

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Great to catch up with Lasanka Perera, Co-Founder and Director  of Independent Reserve – The Cryptocurrency Exchange, Sydney - 9 April 2019


I am honored to meet billionaire Andrew Banks from the Shark Tank TV at Shark Edition of Seed Money Sydney. - 8 Aug 2018


Great honored to meet Steve Weston, co-founder and CEO of Volt Bank, which is an Australian consumer neobank, and was the first bank to be issued with a RADI licence by APRA  – General Assembly, Sydney - 11 September 2019


Great honored to meet Eric Wilson, Founder and CEO of Xinja Bank, an Australian neobank. Xinja became a fully licensed ADI on 9 September 2019 - 30 October 2019

Past Experience In Day Trading 2017


Our Historical Proven 53 Day Trading Result ! 

285.2 % Up Bitcoin holding in 53 days !

From Nov /27/2017 : 0.00082 Bitcoin Holding

To Jan /19/2018 : 0.00701 Bitcoin Holding

( 53 days trading out of 365 days )

( 701 - 100 deposit - 82 deposit ) / 182 deposit x 100 = 285.2 % Up Bitcoin Holding for 53 days trading

or 5.381% per day ie 5.381% x 365 = 1964% per year

If Invest $8000 (1 Bitcoin) in May 2019 : 1 + (1x285.2 /100x365/53 days) = 20.6 Bitcoin Per Year

( calculated based on 365 trading days per year )

365 Trading Days Per Year

If 1 Bitcoin = $26,500 in May 2020, we get = $26,500 x 20.6 = $545,900 ( $537,900 Gain) *

If 1 Bitcoin = $50,000 in May 2020, we get = $50,000 x 20.6 = $1,030,000 ($1,022,000 Gain) *

If 1 Bitcoin = $100,000 in May 2020, we get = $100,000 x 20.6 = $2,060,000 ($2,044,000 Gain) *


* Calculation based on 1 Bitcoin = $8,000 today (May 2019) and predict 1 Bitcoin = $26,500, $50,000  and $100,000 in May 2020




May change due to extreme volatile market conditions.


 Current and past performances are no guarantee of future results.


The contents on OTCarchitect and OTCbid are for illustration or discussion purposes only and do not constitute an offering.

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