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" Australian FinTech revenue will grow at a CAGR of 76.3% and exceed A$4 billion by 2020, driven by reduced taxes on investments in startups, steady increase in mobile payments, and rise of Tech-savy digital natives." - australianfintech

"The global fintech market was valued at about $127.66 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $309.98 billion at a CAGR of 24.8% through 2022." - thebusinessresearchcompany

Sydney at the centre of booming Australian Fintech industry

“Internationally Sydney’s financial services sector has been benchmarked and is rising. Apart from its sheer quantum – Sydney’s financial services sector creates 9% of national GDP and is bigger in scale than the financial services sector in either Hong Kong or Singapore – a key element in its emerging global reputation is the speedy progress we have made in Fintech in Sydney. This report reflects on that progress, the key factors behind it and what interventions or policies may be required to sustain or indeed increase the momentum”. - Tim Williams, Chief Executive of the Committee for Sydney

- AustralianFintech

We saw Australia’s first unicorn (US$1billion valuation) status achieved by Airwallex in March 20191 and fintechs are dominating the ‘buy now pay later’ sector, rather than the incumbents - 2019 EY Fintech Australia Census

Spend on 2% of $1 billion valuation = $20,000,000 (SydneyFintech.com)

As Australia’s financial capital – with a $60 billion financial services industry – Sydney dominates both Australia’s fintech and startup scenes, with fresh-faced companies making significant waves at home and abroad. - themartec

Spend on 0.1% of $60 billion revenue = $60,000,000 (SydneyFintech.com)

Fintech platform revenues to reach $638 billion in 2024, as innovative services become the ‘New Normal’ - JuniperResearch

Spend on 0.003% of $638 billion revenue = $19.14 million

Block.One spent $150 million to build its social media platform VOICE, $30 million ( 20% of capital cost) spent on purchasing Voice.com

- TheBlockCrypto

Elon Musk spent $11 million ( 0.1% of Tesla net worth ) to buy Tesla.com



"JPMorgan backs Fintech seeking to disrupt trillion-dollar market... JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM.N 0.37%) signed startup Wematch Interest Rates to its in-house Fintech program, which helps new firms build products for use across the banking industry... Wematch Interest Rates is a unit of London Wematch.live Group. The market it’s looking to break into is huge: The market value of OTC interest-rate derivatives was US$7.6 trillion in the second half of 2017, according to the latest Bank for International Settlements data." - bnnbloomberg.ca

  • "The worldwide mobile payment revenue in 2015 was 450 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to surpass 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019."

  • "The market's largest segment is Digital Payments with a total transaction value of US$3,952,706m in 2019."

  • "Total Transaction Value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2022) of 13.2% resulting in the total amount of US$5,728,699m by 2022." - Statista

Domain Value Based on % Of Startup Funding:

Block.One spent $150 million to build its social media platform VOICE 

$30 million ( 20% of capital cost) spent on purchasing Voice.com

Eko.com  was sold $1.5 million in 2019

Media technology startup Eko was founded in 2010 using HelloEko.com

With several rounds of funding to reach a total of $37 million, 

Eko.com = 1.5/37 = 4.05% of $37 million = $1.5 million

FintechSydney is ideal for Fintech Startups . Neobank . Marketing . Sharing Economy . CPC . Compliance . Funding . Payments . Lending . Growth



Comparable Domain Market Sales $USD :

UAEfintech.com for sale at SEDO = $16,000,000 USD

Eko.com - $1,500,000 - 2019

Btc.com - $1,000,000 - 2014

Eth.com - $2,000,000 - 2017

Crypto.com - $12,000,000 - 2018

Tokens.com - $500,000 - 2019

CryptoBank.com - $125,000 - 2017  

CryptoWorld.com - $195,000 - 2019 

SportsBettingTips.com - $5,500 - 2019

BettingTips.com - $150,000 - 2020 

WinningTips.com - $9,500 - 2017

SeoTips.com - $6,200 - 2017

GratisTips.com - $5,000 - 2017

Fintechnology.com - $5,000 - 2017

Fintech.ai - $12,000 - 2018

Fintech.com - $4,657 - 2010

BitcoinSV.com - $50,000 - 2018

BitcoinWallet.com - $250,000 - 2014

BlockchainWallet.com - $15,750 - 2018

BlockchainTracker.com - $6,800 - 2018

BlockchainTechnology.com - $15,000 - 2015

Blockchain.Ventures - $42,000 - 2018

Blockchain.in - $13,500 - 2018

Chainwork.com - $15,000 - 2018

Finchain.com - $40,000 - 2018

CryptoRate.com - $99,888 - 2017

CryptoBank.com - $125,000 - 2017

CryptoWorld.com - $195,000 - 2018

Satoshi.com - $75,000 - 2014

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