VERY URGENT: 320K BTC @ -3% gross, -0% net, Deutsche Bank, Germany - Look For Seller

(Buyer: AO KO)

Post: 8.9.2019

  • I am direct to buyer mandate who is a friend of Buyer

  • 320KBTC Needed. Buyer buys at Spot price. -3% gross, 0% net, 3% brokers

  • Buyer side = 1.5%

  • Seller side = 1.5% 


  • We will send a Manual Download MT103/202 Using DEUTSCHE BANK AG Germany. 

  • CIS Available. Will need seller CIS to be Able to upload funds. €3Billion for 320K BTC Spot Price.

  • We will send Swift on Monday and funds delivers on Tuesday.

  • Please this is a manual download fund. Doesn't take 3 days.

  • Seller must confirm with Bank if They can download funds from the server using Alliance lite 2 system.

  • Please we will need Satoshi after funds has been sent. 

  • Then after funds is downloaded Seller sends COINS to Buyer before the Buyer release the Final code/Release Code to the seller to unblock funds.

  • This is very easy to close so far sellers bank can download funds via Alliance lite 2 system. 

  • Please NO POF/POC ARGUMENT. Whenever seller confirm funds then POC then Coins.

  • I'll send in Contract for if needed.


Interested parties should contact : 


NEW: 5000+ BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, Face2Face, Germany- Look For Seller

(Buyer: A Z)

Post: 10.2.2019

  • Buyer rep is direct to Buyer in Germany

  • Min 5000+ BTC, -3% gross, -1% net

  • 1. Buyer and seller sign the procedure document.

  • 2. The buyer and the seller meet in the seller's area, which has been agreed in advance.

  • 3. At the meeting buyer show POF first.

  • 4. After checking the POF, the seller should create a new blockchain wallet. The wallet has to be presented on a mobile phone, simply scan the QR code.

  • 5 After scanning the QR code, the buyer will send 0.5 test BTC to the new wallet just created by the seller.

  • 6 After receiving the test BTC from the buyer, the seller should send it back to the buyer's wallet.

  • 7 The seller transfers bitcoins equal to the agreed amount to his new just created wallet.

  • 8 The buyer checks the new wallet address in the blockchain and checks whether the coins have already been transferred to the seller's new wallet.

  • 9 After verification, the buyer transfers money equal to the amount of BTC in the new wallet to the seller's Bank account.

  • 10 The seller confirms that the money has arrived in his Bank account and then transfers the coins from his new wallet to the buyer's wallet.

  • 11 Steps 7, 8, 9, 10 repeat until the closing of the transaction.

  • 12 The Commission must be paid to the agents under the contract IMFPA.

  • Non Performance conditions:  If after the arrival of the buyer, the seller does not fulfil the conditions specified in the procedure, it is obliged to pay a penalty of 10,000 euros to the buyer. If the buyer does not fulfil the conditions, it is obliged to pay a penalty of 10,000 euros to the seller


Interested parties should contact : 






NEW: 35K BTC @ -6% Gross, -2% Net, B2B, Germany - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  US  TB)

Post: 30.6.2020


  • A seller has 35K BTC at -6% gross, -2% net in Germany

  • Buyerside = 2 % 

  • Sellerside = 2 %



  • To get started, buyer is required to provide CIS and POF of at least €5B Account statement.

  • Bank to Bank transaction only and nothing else

  • Seller is willing to give 2% Performance Bond Guarantee from his Commerz Bank Frankfurt. The Performance Guarantee is only for test tranche of 60 BTC

  • Buyer pays via Conditional Swift MT103/72 and buyer releases the wallet then buy side pays MT103


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 250K BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, Germany - Look For Buyer


Post: 6.6.2019

  • We have a Seller onboarded on German BaFin-regulated bank, the bank will act as a transaction facilitator (and Fiat escrow) and will deal directly with both parties.

  • Bank has performed KYC, AML and PoC checks on Seller and is currently performing initial transaction for different buyer of ours.

  • Deal details:
    Quantity: 250k BTC
    Net Discount: 2%
    Gross Discount: 4% (0.5% bank fee-fixed, 0.5% Seller's Mandate, 0.5% Buyer's Mandate, 0.5% Intermediaries)
    Potential Fiat Currencies: EUR and USD

  • Discount is subject to quantity bought with 4% gross for transactions of 32k+ BTC, in case of large enough quantities 5% Gross discount is possible


Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 51K BTC @ -2% gross, -1% net, UK, Switzerland, Germany - Look For Buyer


Post: 1.5.2019

  • I have a seller 51K BTC -2/1 % block-chain price

  • Seller is looking for a buyer that have a banking options in UK, Switzerland or Germany

  • Transact with conditional payment mt103/72

  • Accept remote wallet condition 

  • Negotiable procedure


Interested parties should contact :


NEW: Around 500K BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net, Deutsche Bank in Germany- Look For Buyer

(Seller: O...R)

Post: 24.12.2018

  • 500K BTC available in Germany

  • Looking for buyer 

  • Contact us for details

Buyer Mandate only 

Interested parties should contact : 



NEW: 100K+ BTC @ -5/-7% gross, -3/-5% net, Deutsche Bank in Stuttgart - Look For Buyer

(Seller: A....Y)

Post: 30.11.2018

  • Looking for buyer 
    Procedure is flexible to some degree; buyers lawyer is welcome to fly to Stuttgart to meet sellers lawyer at Deutsche Bank. The attorney name will only be released in line with buyer’s name.

  • Btc currently held in cold wallets in IOLA account at JP Morgan in USA. 
    1.Seller and buyer sign contract
    2. Buyer sends tranche schedule
    3. Seller and buyer send Btc and funds to the attorney/escrow (trust account at Deutsche Bank in Stuttgart) 
    4. Attorney writes to buyer and seller confirming receipt of Btc and funds
    5. Attorney shall initiate the transfer of the equivalent of Btc to buyer’s wallet according to schedule of amount paid
    6. Attorney sends funds to the seller
    7. Buyer confirms btc in his wallet and seller confirms funds / intermediaries paid.

  • The seller is a government backed mining company with more than 100k btc to sell at gross discount of -5% or -7% for larger volume. The sellers is prepared to onboard at another European Bank if the transaction is within that bank. 

  • They also bank with HSBC in CH and London and Lint bank (besides Deutsche Bank).
    I can provide name of the seller mandate for LOI and can engage him for serious calls only.

Buyer Mandate only 

Interested parties should contact : 



NEW: 200K BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, Satoshi, Germany - Look For Buyer

(Seller 1)

Post: 15.10.2018

  • 9.  200K  4/2 Seller in Germany.

  • 200k coins at -4/-2.

  • If buyer can get POF for 1000 coins, they can do Satoshi & have direct call w/seller.

  • The POF will go to Geno Bank in Essen Germany. (Private bank that the seller uses)

  • Transactions will most likely take place through Deutsche or UBS.

Buyer Mandate only 

Interested parties should contact : 





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