Big Bitcoin Owners Revealed 

The table below shows more than 20 institutions, including two prominent fund companies, that owned bitcoin via Grayscale's trust as of June 30.

Institution Assets Under Management (by firm)Amount of GBTC ($000)

Verus Capital Partners, Llc$640,498,4058

Sterling Investment Advisors, Ltd.$445,643,88111

Slatestone Wealth, Llc$1,040,861,617509

Rothschild Investment Corp /il$1,440,528,814235

RFIIX - Rg Tactical Market Neutral Fund Institutional$10,591,97890

RENN Fund, Inc. (managed by Kinetics)$5,348,552,76239

Nvwm, Llc$282,598,6452

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST - Kinetics Small Cap$5,348,552,7622,187

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST - Kinetics Paradigm$5,348,552,76213,995

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST - Kinetics Market$5,348,552,7624,285

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST - Kinetics Internet$5,348,552,76215,284

KINETICS PORTFOLIOS TRUST - Kinetics Global$5,348,552,7621,114

IFP Advisors, Inc$3,495,076,0001,401

Horrell Capital Management, Inc.$323,093,65529

Heritage Wealth Advisors$2,269,445,79311

Front Row Advisors Llc$200,798,7815

Formidable Asset Management, LLC$467,678,888123

Fny Investment Advisers, Llc$2,939,539,442336

Edge Wealth Management LLC$933,616,1084

Corriente Advisors, Llc$263,431,1944,201

Boston Private Wealth Llc$13,315,703,119249

Bcj Capital Management, Llc$263,431,194138

ARKW - ARK Next Generation Internet ETF$4,476,259,83817,136

Arkadios Wealth Advisors$626,987,4549,071

ARK Investment Management LLC$4,476,259,83820,226

Addison Capital Co$626,987,4541,520