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NEW: 1M-3M up to 8M BTC @ 10% gross, 5% net, USA - Look For Sellers (combined)
(Buyer JK)


Astute buyer/investor in US is looking for 3M btc with Rolls & Extensions up to 7M-8M btc over a period of time. The deal can start with 500K or 1M, next 800K, 600K, 700K, 200K etc to reach 8M btc. Look for trusted seller with regular and reliable supplies of bitcoins. THIS IS A LONG TERM DEAL

  • 10% gross

  • 5% net to buyer

  • 2% to Seller side

  • 2% to buyer side

  • 1% Escrow

  • Transaction can be Escrow, bank to bank or Payment Guarentee procedures

  • Signed NCNDA, IMFPA and CIS

  • Zoom call - buyer or his/her mandate and seller group to determine amount of contract and size of tranches.

  • LOI, POF, POC, KYC/AML compliance

  • Flexible procedures to be formulated and agreed between buyer and seller​ during zoom call

Interested parties should contact : 




NEW: 120K BTC @ 6% gross, 3% net, GTES, USA - Look For Buyer
(Seller AB)

  • We have a seller on GTES with verified 120k btc

  • Can buy small amount 10K, 20K, 50K etc

  • 120K BTC+, -6%, 3% to buyer, 1% to escrow, 1% to buyer side, 1% to seller side

  • Sign the Escrow agreement as well as the NCNDA

  • After signing these two docs, we can send you the Gtes ID code, So that you can verify the coins.

Interested parties should contact : 




NEW: 100K-500K BTC @ 5% or 6% gross, Wilmington Trust USA - Look For Sellers
(Buyer JH)

  • 1. Up to 500k total btc in 100k contracts;

  • 2. Discount 3% net, 5% or 6% gross

  • 3. KYC/AML

  • 4. Wilmington Trust for escrow; top 10 largest financial institution in US, 120 B assets, 100 years old. Deal will be directly with head of corporate escrow.

  • 5. POF available and LOI available

  • 6. POC required; option to have contract agreeing that if POC via satoshi is shown, buyer MUST acquire assets

  • 7. 5k btc daily tranches, 5 days/week. Initial 1k btc test tranche

Interested parties should contact : 




NEW: 100K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net - GTES - Look For Buyer

(Seller 4)

Reference 1190 GTES (6th Sept, 2018)
Sell Order 100K BTC 
Gross Discount -5% Net discount -2%

Buyer and seller exchange code during zoom call
Other standard GTES deal procedure

Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 80-90K BTC  @ -2% net, Nevada USA - Look For Buyer

(Seller 3)

[Sep 5, 2018] SDC-S120

Seller is in Nevada, USA. 

Total quantity: 80-90K (100+ wallets) 
(Seller sold approximately 150K recently)

Sales quantity for this time: 10K block for the test
Next sales quantity: the rest 70-80K block

Discount rate and commission structure:

Seller mandate + representative (Closed) 
Seller Intermediaries 1.5% (Closed) 

/ -> 5% for buyer side

Buyer mandate and intermediaries 3% 

/ -> Net -2% for end buyer


(I received from Seller side already)

2. Buyer sends LOI & Seller sends draft agreement 

3. [KYC]

a. Seller's KYC for buyer to review : Passport, certificate of business license (in Nevada, US), bank info(Bank of America), etc.  
(I received these all from seller already)
b. Buyer sends basic KYC to seller directly:  passport, certificate of business license, bank info, etc. to seller. 


4. [POF] 

a. Buyer bank issues MT799 (for the test deal 10k btc) via bank swift to seller's bank only for verifying bank balance not for real trade. (No locked. Fee is low. You can check with your bank directly. )
b. Buyer sends "Copy of Swift" to seller. Seller checks with seller's bank. 

5. [POC] Satoshi test

- Seller sends satoshi from his wallets (Buyer can find all the rest quantity)  


6. Agreement 

a. F2F:
- Contract through lawyer (including Penalty condition/ 3 months locked)  
- Seller fly down to meet buyer in any country (HK, etc.)


b. Escrow service:
- LegacyTrust(HK) or Provident, GTES, Noble, LMAX or TMF, etc.
- Onboard and exchange codes


7. Tranche transaction

- Daily Tranche


8. Commission

- Seller side receive from seller
- Buyer side receive from buyer

Interested parties should contact :



NEW:  BTC @ 3% gross, 1% net, Legacy Trust - Look For Buyer  - S O L D

(Seller 2)  


  • Just confirmed a seller already on-boarded at Legacy Trust

  • Discount:
    3% gross
    1% net 

  • We are looking for a buyer that is already on-boarded, and has a deal code ready.

Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 10000 BTC @ 6% gross, 4% net, Europe - Look For Buyer

(Seller 1)

10K Seller  6/4


  • Seller give his details to buyer.

  • Buyer send LOI to sender and sender send back contract and NCNDA

  • Buyer fill and send back; is possible communication between escrow, between mandates, POF&POC free

  • discount gross 6,5%, discount net to buyer 4%

  • 1.25%  seller side, 1.25%  buyer side

  • escrow account Europe already with 400.000 bitcoin

  • tranche  3/5/7/ 10.000 BT

  • Immediately available.

  • timing for closing procedure: 48 hours from receiving LOI

Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 100K @ 8% gross, 4% net, GTES - Look For Buyer

(Seller 1)

  • GTES Seller - QTY 100k with R&E 

  • Price minus 8/4

  • Buyer Submit LOI

Interested parties should contact :

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