250K-500K+ BTC @ 7% gross, 5% net, JP Morgan Chase in US - Look For Buyer

NEW: 250K-500K+ BTC @ 7% gross, 5% net, JP Morgan Chase in US - Look For Buyer  

(Seller 2 ) 

  • Seller2 is direct to mandate/signatory on this one.

  • 250K is probably minimum  500k and up could get a 7/5 

  • Gross/net depends on side of deal and size of tranches. We're looking for buyer with BIG appetite only. 

  • Seller procedures:

  • Call with Mandates

  • NCNDA Signed

  • Conference Call with Principals

  • Objectives on the call...Overview expections

  • Purchase and Sale  Agreement (And IMFPA) Generated and Signed

  • Satoshi's available no problem (see requirements)

  • Ledger the funds to the Tier 1 account @ JPMC (fully insured)

  • Send coins to buyer

  • Settlement and repeat process till BTC fulfillment

  • Satoshi Requirements: Bitcoin Transactions: If end buyer requests Satoshi, one will not be issued without issuance of an MT799 and Executes a Non-Performance agreement wherein shall include a penalty of $1,000,000, if buyer does not transact within 24 hours of receipt of Satoshi (if considered a business day). Only upon the seller’s approval, via signature above.

Interested parties should contact :

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