Search - The ‘Underbanked’ Is The Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity in Fintech

" It’s expensive to participate in the mainstream financial system if you’re poor. Overdraft penalties and banking fees prevent billions of people from accessing the most basic financial tools like savings accounts and lines of credit.

This has created the greatest market opportunity in fintech—low-cost, high-tech financial services for the underbanked, said Angela Strange, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, during a panel at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit on Monday. " - Read Full Article

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BelowBank can be referred to bank services for:

Neobank in Fintech

Below bank rates

Below bank loans

Below bank payments

" The ‘Underbanked’ Is The Next Trillion-Dollar Opportunity in Fintech - Forbes "

Similar to Underbank, Belowbank can help ordinary people or organizations who do not have access to mainstream financial services or retail banking services such as credit cards or loans.

BelowBank can offer cheaper deals which are below the market value for loans or mortgages.

Belowbank is ideal for people from third world countries who have no bank accounts, migrants or elderly people etc.

1.7 Billion Adults Worldwide Do Not Have Access To A Bank Account [Infographic] - Forbes Benefits:

Instant brand recognition

Instant Trust and Authority

Category killer brand name

Keyword rich and SEO benefits

Highly generic keywords​

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