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" Most domain names are cheap. Namecheap sells .com domains for about ten bucks a year. Even more expensive domain endings, such as .io, are under fifty bucks. So why did online marketing company Sumo pay $1.5 million to change its domain name from to in February? Below we’ll take a look at the rationale and what we can learn from high-dollar domain sales like this one. " - Read Full Article

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Why Did a Company Spend $ millions on a Domain Name?


" Elon Musk spent $11 million ( 0.1% of Tesla net worth ) to buy "


" Block.One spent $150 million to build its social media platform VOICE, $30 million ( 20% of capital cost) spent on purchasing " - TheBlockCrypto


" One Planet Ops spent $3 million ( 7.5% of annual revenue ) to buy ( including 10 other domains)

One Planet has $40M in estimated revenue annually - Crunchbase


" Eko Bulgaria spent $1.5 million ( 0.29% of annual revenue ) to buy

Eko Bulgaria's revenue grew to 559.2 million in 2018


Mint paid about $8 million to move from to

Mint has $13M in estimated revenue annually - 30,000,000 USD - 2019 - Private - 3,000,000 USD - 2019 - VIP Brokerage - 1,500,000 USD - 2019 - Uniregistry - 1,000,000 USD - 2019 -  Sedo


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