Home Livestream - Coronavirus spurs spike in Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco use as workers stay home

" With the World Health Organization officially declaring the coronavirus a pandemic on Wednesday, and infections skyrocketing across the U.S., employers from Silicon Valley to Wall Street are ordering employees to work from home — or offering them the chance to do so.

On Tuesday, Google (GOOG, GOOGL) recommended that all employees in North America work from home if their roles permitted, several days after it told Seattle workers to stay at home along with Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft." - Read Full Article

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HomeLiveStream is ideal for work from home

"Coronavirus spurs spike in Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco use as workers stay home" - Yahoo Finance

Today, we have seen an unprecedented increase in remote work popping up all over the world due to the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus disease Covid-19.

Most of you're being asked to self-isolate, social distancing or work from home remotely.

HomeLiveStream can help you and your team to connect on any online device that keep you working anywhere you like.

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  • Home gaming

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