IdentityCustodians - Identity Custodians Needed In Digital Era

" Most people would like to have a single, verified and validated digital identity that can be used to access all services, according to John Erik Setsaas, vice-president of identity and innovation at Signicat.

“But in trying to achieve this, technology systems designers need to take human nature into account. Otherwise, these systems will not work because it is people who are going to use them,” he told the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019 in Munich. " - Read Full Article

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“An identity custodian is a trusted entity that will take care of managing people’s identities, providing a link to their digital doubles, taking care of liability, providing someone to call if there is a problem, monitoring for risk or fraud, and account recovery,” said Setsaas - computerweekly is a category killer brand name that will garner instant attraction and quick credibility.



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