OTCbid - Bitcoin Opinion: This is the Quiet Before The Storm

" The air feels different during the autumn, which is around the corner here in the northern hemisphere. I must admit, I really enjoy walking down the street when it’s covered in colorful leaves. Can’t really say why, but it has always been one of those guilty pleasures of mine.

Now, more than ever, due to the crypto-market seasonality, I’ve become passionate about this period.

For the bitcoin bull-season is about to begin. " - CCN - Read Full Article

Source: CCN

200K BTC Available in Germany

4% Gross . 2% net . Satoshi . Germany

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 200K BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, Satoshi, Germany - Look For Buyer

(Seller 1)

Post: 15.10.2018


  • 9. 200K 4/2 Seller in Germany.

  • 200k coins at -4/-2.

  • If buyer can get POF for 1000 coins, they can do Satoshi & have direct call w/seller.

  • The POF will go to Geno Bank in Essen Germany. (Private bank that the seller uses)

  • Transactions will most likely take place through Deutsche or UBS.

Buyer Mandate only

Interested parties should contact :

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