OTCbid - Markets See Massive Sell-Off, Bitcoin Dips Below $5,600 for the First Time in 2018

" Nov. 14: Crypto markets have suffered sharp losses over the past several hours. The major market drop off took place between 10:30 a.m. (UTC -5) and 12:00 p.m., with some of the top 20 cryptocurrencies dropping by as much as 18 percent at press time, according to data from CoinMarketCap. " - Read Full Article


300K+ BTC seller IN Hong Kong

-6% Gross . -3% net . Hong Kong

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 300K+ BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, Hong Kong - Look For Buyer

(Seller E A)

Date: 15.11.2018

A trading family in HK selling bitcoins (large volumes) at a -6% discount.

If you would want to buy or can link a buyer,you'll get IMFPA percentage.

I could also link you up to the direct mandate to the HK trading family via Whatsapp.

Buyer Mandate Only

Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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