OTCbid - Aussie Bitcoin exchange owner accuses banks of discrimination

Updated: Jan 19

" An Australian Bitcoin exchange operator has taken legal action against two commercial banks in the country, accusing them of discriminatory practices.

Allan Flynn, a Bitcoin trader in Australia has filed a complaint against two commercial banks in the country — ANZ and Westpac — accusing both of systematic discrimination. According to a report by the Australian Financial Review, Flynn is seeking compensation to the tune of 250,000 Australian dollars (about $192,000).

According to Flynn, he has been the victim of discriminatory practices with banks allegedly continuing to shut down his accounts. Speaking to AFR, Flynn lamented that no fewer than 20 banks have closed accounts operated by his exchange in the last three years, adding:

“How am I supposed to run a lawful business if I can’t get a bank account?”

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Source: Cointelegraph


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