OTCbid - Binance Reveals Surge in Huge Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Trades – Plus Ripple and XRP, ETH.

" From a spike in Bitcoin trading from players with deep pockets, to a big boost in adoption for Ethereum, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto.


The CFO of leading crypto exchange Binance says the company’s over-the-counter (OTC) trading volume is surging. Wei Zhou told Decrypt that Bitcoin’s recent rise above $5,000 triggered a major uptick." - Read Full Article

Source: Daily Hodl


-5% Gross . -3% net . F2F . Barcelona

Buyer Mandates Only -

NEW: 152K BTC @ -5% gross, -3% net, B2B, Barcelona, Spain - Look For Buyer

(Seller : F D)

Post: 19.4.2019

Seller is an investing company, owned by the Spanish department of a bank from Top10 Global. BTCs are stored in the bank for conduction of the deals and every deal is guided and supported by the bank officer. Process is designed by lawyers and guarantees the security for both sides. The process is based on SWIFT MT760 issued by buyer's bank as block of funds (non-bank guarantee). After completion of KYC the seller is ready to provide PoC - Satoshi Test.

My Seller rep is direct to Seller

Amount (min), BTC: 10000 BTC

Amount (max), BTC: 152,000 BTC


Gross : -5%

Net : -3%

Purchase procedure:

Type: Swift MT760

KYC: Yes

LOI: Yes

POF type: MT799

POC type: Satoshi Test

Agreement type: MT760 (non- Bank Guarantee), Purchase Sale Agreement

Face-2-Face meeting: Barcelona, Spain

This proposal for purchase of bitcoins is based on SWIFT MT760 from Buyer's side (TOP 100). Once MT760 confirmation of blocked funds is issued, Seller transfers to Buyer's wallet BTC tranches as agreed in the purchase contract. Buyer shall pay to Seller only after each transferred BTC tranche.


1. BUYER submits KYC package of documents updated with date of today and Passport color copy (see KYC package documents list attached).

2. SELLER performs due diligence upon the provided documents and confirms approval of BUYER.

3. BUYER's bank executes MT799 (without blocking of funds) to SELLER's bank. Copy of Swift sent to SELLER.

4. Once the SELLER's bank has confirmed the bank message (MT799), the SELLER may send a Satoshi from a wallet, which will be the transaction wallet for this deal, or submit proof of coins of another kind.

5. BUYER and SELLER execute Purchase Sale Agreement.

6. BUYER's bank executes MT760 (blocked funds, non-bank guarantee) to SELLER's bank. Copy of Swift sent to SELLER.

7. Since the SELLER's bank confirmed the bank message (MT760), the SELLER starts transferring the first tranche of BTC.

8. The corresponding tranche of funds is transferred to the SELLER.

9. The next tranche of BTC is transferred to BUYER in accordance with the agreed timeline. Once it is done, the corresponding tranche of funds is transferred to SELLER. Repeat process until the deal is settled in full.


Interested parties should contact:


WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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