OTCbid - BIS Announces Successful Testing of CBDC Project Helvetia with SNB and SIX

" The new project enables integration between tokenised digital assets and central bank money.

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), along with financial market infrastructure operator, SIX and the Swiss National Bank, announced today that the organisations have successfully completed a joint proof-of-concept experiment to integrate tokenised digital assets and central bank money.

Dubbed ‘Project Helvetia’, the experiment explored the legal and technical feasibility of transferring digital assets by comparing the issuance of a wholesale CBDC onto a distributed digital currency platform with digital asset platform linkage to the existing wholesale payment system. " - Read Full Article

Source: financemagnates


-6% Gross, -3% Net, B2B, MT103/72, Singapore

Look For Seller Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, MT103/72, B2B, Singapore - Look For Seller

(Buyer: PM...NY)

Post: 16.12.2020​

  • Buyer wants to buy 890 BTC @ -0% gross, +3% net

  • Buyer = +3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%​

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC minimum



  • 1. The seller and the buyer sign a contract for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency BTC ( cryptocurrency = intangible property under Singapore law )

  • 2. The seller will show the readiness to proceed for the current tranche by sending of specified amount of Satoshi to the buyer’s wallet, the transaction source wallet(s) must contain at least 1,000 BTC.

  • 3. After the buyer received specified amount of Satoshi in his wallet and after the Six (6) confirmations of Blockchain, the buyer immediately sends copy of operational bank statement with a minimum balance corresponding to the equivalent of the BTC balance in the seller's transaction wallet. Bank statement will be sent directly from buyer’s e-mail to seller’s e-mail address.

  • 4. Both parties will submit contracts to their banks for compliance purposes. Once this process has been successfully completed, each party will inform the other party of this fact by letter.

  • 5. After the buyer receives this confirmation letter, the buyer immediately sends pre-advice SWIFT MT199 which will mention: Ready, willing & able to send MT103/72 conditional payment.

  • 6. Seller’s bank officer must reply thru SWIFT to buyer’s bank stating the successful receipt of the pre-advice MT199 in order to establish a communication channel between buyers and sellers bank.

  • 7. Buyer’s bank makes conditional payment by MT103/72 for the current tranche.

  • 8. After receiving and confirmation of the conditional MT103/72 Swift notification at seller‘s bank, the seller transfers Bitcoins to the buyer’s wallets for the amount stated in the MT103/72 through BLOCKCHAIN at the rate of the day minus discount. The transfer of BTC must be realized within 24 hours after receipt of Swift notification.

  • 9. After the buyer received the BTC in his designated wallets and after the Six (6) confirmations of blockchain, buyer’s bank releases immediately the conditional funds MT103/72 to seller's bank account. (or the MT103/72 stays as collateral and the tranche will be paid by MT103 in order to simplify banking solution for the following tranches, the banking process will be mutually agreed between buyer and seller)

  • 10. The commission must be paid to the agents under the IMFPA.

  • 12. For additional tranches steps 2, 3 and 5 - 10 will be repeated until the total volume is settled.

  • 13. Upon completion of the transaction, both parties sign the affidavit of successful settlement.

  • Important notice!!!

  • We don’t know in which country your bank is located, but we have experienced that US banks are not willing to process a MT103/72 conditional payment. For this reason, we can offer you independent Singapore consulting company that provides paymaster services. This company has a bank account at the same bank (RHB Bank Berhad) in Singapore as our company, which as you well know is a huge advantage in the cryptocurrency business.


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