OTCbid - Bitcoin at $200K by Year’s End? Some Crypto Options Traders Make That Bet

" Some bitcoin options traders are making outlandish wagers, betting on a rally to a six-figure price by year end even as the cryptocurrency continues to struggle following last month’s 35% drop.

According to data provided by Laevitas, the dominant cryptocurrency options exchange Deribit saw a total of 425 bitcoin (BTC, -4.74%) call option contracts, with a strike price of $200,000 and an expiration date of Dec. 31, change hands on Thursday. That strike price is roughly five times the current level.

A call option is a derivative contract that gives the purchaser the right but not the obligation to buy the underlying asset at a predetermined price on or before a specific date. Theoretically, buying a call at the $200,000 strike expiring on Dec. 31 is a bet that the cryptocurrency will end the year above that level. " - Read Full Article

Source: Coindesk


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid

-9% Gross, -5% Net, F2F, B2B, Escrow, US, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland

Seller Mandates Only

NEW: 500K-1.6M BTC @ -9% gross, -5% net, F2F, B2B, Escrow, London, US, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland - Look For Multiple Sellers

(Buyer : DA...AI-Tele)

Post: 12.6.21

  • I am direct to Buyer Mandate

  • A family office in London is looking for 500K-1.6M BTC @ -9% gross, -5% net

  • The Family Office has multiple offices in UK (London), Dubai, U.S., Abu Dhabi and Switzerland

  • Looking for Sellers or Multiple sellers.

  • Escrow = TBD

  • Seller = Short Chain only. I do not want to talk to 5 brokers.

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 2% (closed)

  • Sellerside = 2%​ (Ray+2 people)

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC



  • Bank to Bank, Escrow, & F2F (London) are all possible.

  • Terms are negotiable

  • Coin First.

  • Locations: US, UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland and others

  • If wire transfer is the method, other locations are ok.

  • Family Office, will need KYC/CIS from seller to prove that they are credible before we can share the family’s KYC.

  • Lawyer will draft SPA contract to match the process agreed upon by the Buyer & Seller. Buyer is flexible


Interested parties should contact :



  • DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)

  • Telegram @OTCbiddotcom

  • Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577



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