OTCbid - Bitcoin becomes a currency in El Salvador after president Nayib Bukele passes new law

" Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, has got himself a pair of laser eyes – on his Twitter profile at least.

Laser eyes are something social media users give themselves to show they love cryptocurrency – and Bukele proved his crypto-enthusiasm last week by having El Salvador become the world’s first nation to make bitcoin legal tender. El Salvador’s parliament passed Bukele’s proposed legislation on June 9, after he announced his plan just a few days earlier. The law will take effect in September. Some bitcoin fans have leapt on this as a step towards much broader acceptance. But the changes in bitcoin’s market value since Mr Bukele announced his plan gives crypto-sceptics reason for doubt. Over the past week bitcoin’s value was as high as $US38,200 (about $A49,000) and as low as $US31,428 ($A40,831). Over the past month it has fallen from more than $US58,000 ($A75,000). This isn’t the type of price volatility any government generally wants to see in a currency. " - Read Full Article

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" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

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-0% Gross, +3% Net, Bank, Escrow, Sydney

Seller Mandates Only -

NEW: 30K BTC @ -0% Gross, +3% Net, Escrow, Sydney, Australia - Look For Seller

(Buyer : SK XH-Link)

Post: 15.6.21


  • I am direct to Buyer Mandate

  • A Sydney Buyer is looking for 30K BTC @ -0% gross, +3% net

  • Buyer = 0%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%​

  • Escrow = Buyer and Seller pay 50/50

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC



  1. Buyer's funds already in Escrow agent for 30,000 BTC including +3% premium price. POF verified. AUD$7 Billion deposited in Commonwealth Bank

  2. Seller must sent their BTC to the Buyer in Escrow agent

  3. Once BTC confirmed in escrow wallet, funds will be deposited to Seller’s nominated bank account.

  4. Once Seller confirmed funds received, Escrow agent will release the BTC to the Buyer's wallet.

  5. All commissions of buyerside and sellerside will be paid immediately by Escrow agent


Interested parties should contact :



  • DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)

  • Telegram @OTCbiddotcom

  • Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577



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