OTCbid - BTC Reach $3.6K Price Point, See Double-Digit Gains

" Friday, Feb. 8 —  Bitcoin (BTC) has broken the $3,600 price point, with all of the top 20 digital currencies making significant gains on the day, according to data from Coin360. " - Read Full Article

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100K BTC seller from Switzerland

-7% Gross . -4% net . Switzerland

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -7% Gross, -4% Net, Switzerland - Look For Buyer

(Seller: H...Y)

Post: 9.2.2019


Seller from Switzerland has100K BTC, 7/4 Buyer- 4% Seller side - 1.5% Buyer side- 1.5%

Procedure for BITCOIN Transaction FACE TO FACE (not Satoshi in advance.)

Buyer mandate and seller mandate will communicate the offer and describe the transaction and duties and responsibilities of parties, and the terms and conditions of the forwarded Deed of Agreement. Seller sends the “Private Sale and Buy Agreement” (Contract) to the Buyer to be signed.

1. NCNDA/IMPFA with Seller Mandate/intermediary’s, including the wallet address containing the BTC of the Seller, the wallet address of the Buyer and the name of the bank that will receive the funds. 2. Buyer and Seller sign the Purchase agreement, including with the bank coordinates, for the buyer to issue the MT-103/72. (Bank coordinated, attachment 1) 3. Meeting in Bank of the BUYER. 4. Seller prove the existence of the BTC (POC-SATOSHI) and Buyer prove the availability of this funds. 5. Buyer and Seller verified and confirmed that the BTC exist and the funds are available. After verification of the existence of the BTC from the Buyer and the funds from Bank Officer, they will transfer the funds to the bank account of the Seller with MT103/72 and the Seller will make a quick electronic control and within 30/40 min. will transfer the BTC, the Invoice and BTC Certification. 6. The bank officer will confirm the transfer to proceed. 7. The Seller will issue the transfer of the agreed bitcoins to the Buyer´s Wallet. 8. After the buyer has received the BTC with the 6th confirmation in the blockchain and verified as clean, the conditional hold will be lifted and the Seller will receive the funds in his account. 9. Also the payments of the fees established in the commission’s documents IMFPA -NR._XXXXXXXXX will be made after the transfer of the BTC to the Buyer. Repeat process 5 to 7 For every tranche until the complete order is exhausted.


Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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