OTCbid - Bitcoin could surge to $14,000 as short-term momentum improves, technical strategist Katie

" Bitcoin climbed as much as 8% on Wednesday following news that PayPal would follow Square and allow its users to buy, sell, and transfer the cryptocurrency.

The development was considered a big one by many crypto investors, including Galaxy Investment Partners CEO Mike Novogratz, who tweeted that major banks will likely take the same path as PayPal and that “we have crossed the rubicon people.”

From a technical perspective, Fairlead Strategies founder Katie Stockton sees more upside ahead in bitcoin, according to a Wednesday note." - Read Full Article

Source: Business Insider


-8% Gross , -6% Net, Tellco Private Bank, Zurich, Switzerland

Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 50K BTC with R&E @ -8% Gross, -6% Net, Tellco Private Bank, Zurich - Look For Buyer

(Seller : PM SF)

Post: 22.10.2020


  • A seller has 50K BTC with R&E @ -8% gross, -6% net.

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1%

  • First tranche = 1500 BTC minimum

  • Daily tranche = 1500 BTC with rolls and extensions up to 1 year and 1 day

  • Accept payment in EURO



  • 1. EURO provider fill and sign contract with recent POF.

  • 2. EURO-Provider bank officer sends SWIFT MT700 DLC

  • 3. Bank of BTC-provider together with Bank of EURO-provider conducts verification and authentication of SWIFT MT700 DLC

  • 4. BTC-provider transfers bitcoins in tranches from its wallet to the wallet specified by the EURO-provider.

  • 5. The EURO-provider for each received tranche of bitcoins makes payment in Euro to the BTC-provider by Bank Wire or MT103/202/TT.

  • 6. After receiving the EURO for the transferred BITCOINS, the BTC-Provider pays a commission of 2% (in ratio whereas 1% consultants fee to SELLER Side, 1% BUYER SIDE)


Interested parties should contact :



  • DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)

  • Telegram @ OTCbidcom

  • Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577


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