OTCbid - Bitcoin Hater Peter Schiff Is the Gold Bug Who Cried Wolf

" Peter Schiff has remained active on Twitter lately, chiming in on the Fed’s ballooning balance sheet and the sharp gold sell-off. However, another issue catching significant traction is his extremely bearish view on bitcoin.

Even though the largest cryptocurrency is widely considered to be in a bull market, Schiff has repeatedly made daring gloom-and-doom calls – with questionable success.

On October 18th, for instance, Schiff described bitcoin’s chart as “horrible.” He projected that the crypto token would collapse all the way down to $2,000. " - Read Full Article

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-6% Gross . -3% Net . F2F . Cash . Singapore

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NEW: 15,000 BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, F2F, Cash, Singapore - Look For Seller

(Buyer: AC....KS)

Post: 10.11.2019


1500 BTC per day up to 15,000 BTC

The SELLER and the BUYER sign this MOU.

The SELLER immediately buys tickets and fly to SINGAPORE.

The BUYER and the SELLER meet in a location determined by the buyer.

During face to face meeting, seller will show POC through his live wallet and buyer will show POF. 

After POC and POF, BUYER and SELLER arrange to transact the following day in a location predetermined by the BUYER.


During transaction day, BUYER and SELLER start the trade as follows:

The SELLER creates a new wallet in the presence of the BUYER and transfer 1,500 BTC into the new wallet (wallet control test).

The BUYER prepares cash enough for 1,500BTC on the table.

The SELLER transfers 1,500 Bitcoins from the new wallet to the BUYER’s wallet.

After 6th confirmation and BUYER confirm to receive the coins in his wallet, the SELLER takes the cash on the table/ OR Buyer proceed to wire transfer equivalent of 1,500BTC amount of SGD to Seller’s account.

The transaction rate is fixed according at the moment of arrival of the coins to the BUYER’s account.

Commissions will be paid in BTC or in CASH, herein without hindrance, delay, objection or obstruction by the BUYER.

The BUYER and the SELLER will move to the next tranche as agreed and repeat the procedure until the entire contractual amount of BTC is fulfilled.


If after the arrival of the BUYER, the SELLER does not fulfil the conditions specified in the procedure, it is obliged to pay a penalty of SDG20,000 (Twenty-Thousand-Singapore Dollars) to the BUYER.  


If the buyer does not fulfil the conditions specified in the procedure, it is obliged to pay a penalty of SGD20,000 (Twenty-Thousand-Singapore Dollars) to the SELLER and this agreement will become invalid


Interested parties should contact : 

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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