OTCbid - Bitcoin Hits $10.5K in Minutes as Keiser Says Price ‘About to Explode’

" Monday, Aug. 26 — Bitcoin (BTC) prices temporarily passed $10,500 as the largest cryptocurrency started the week in a bullish mood....Data from Coin360 revealed an abrupt change from sideways trading over the weekend, with Bitcoin gaining hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes on Monday. 

Having lingered either side of $10,000 for the past three days, BTC/USD suddenly shot up to more than $10,600 on some exchanges before settling at about $10,350." - Read Full Article

Source: Cointelegraph

300K TO 1,000,000 BTC SELLER IN NYC

-5% Gross . -2% Net . Escrow . Bank . NYC

Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 300K to 1,000,000 BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Escrow, New York - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  AD KL)

Post: 27.8.2019

A new seller based in NY has 300K TO 1,000,000 BTC, -5% gross, -2% net


-3% brokers, 1.5% buyer side, 1.5% seller side

Seller side = 3 people including Mandate

Buyer side = open


1. Buyer writes LOI, SPA, Escrow agreement to seller agent. (LOI should include purchase amount, purchase schedule, buyer KYC)

2. Seller agent forwards the received LOI, SPA, Escrow agreement to Seller.

3. Seller checks the data received from Buyer and sends the document confirming the data if there is no additional request and provides the buyer with the desired information.

4. The actual amount, rate, location, time, and schedule of the transaction will be discussed between the legal representatives of both parties, and the arrangements should be prepared in the form of documents signed by both parties. - List the commissions of participating brokers and legal representatives in the above documents. - Penalty ($ ) will be charged if the terms of the transaction are insufficient for one reason.  Satoshi and the proof of funding will be disclosed after completion of the penalty agreement with the signatures of both parties. Seller's BTC can secure and disclose Buyer's liquid cash in an escrow account. 

$10,000,000 penalty for 1 million BTC.

5. Please follow these instructions. It can be changed flexibly when there is no problem with the buyer's LOI, KYC, Escrow agreement.


Interested parties should contact : 

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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