OTCbid - Bitcoin Price Prediction: Cryptocurrency Market Will See '5,000 % Gains' Over Next Decade

" Bitcoin is set to celebrate its 10th birthday this week, with 31 October marking 10 years since the publication of a paper describing an "electronic cash system."

"Since that time, the price of bitcoin has yo-yoed from almost $20,000 to less than a cent. So what does the next decade hold for the price of the world's first cryptocurrency?" - Independent - Read Full Article

Source: Independent

100K BTC available IN usa

6% Gross . 3% net . JPM . IOLTA . USA

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -6% gross, JPM, IOLTA, USA - Look For Buyer

(Seller 4)

Date: 30.10.2018

  • Ref : 1333 USA Lawyer to Lawyer Origin of the Seller: USA Seller: Company vs Individual -》 Individual

  • Verified Seller KYC : Yes Sell Order (BTC) Quantity: 100K Wallet from (e.g exchange or private) : Private Wallet holder present during the transaction : No Gross Discount : Gross -6% Transaction volume per day : 10K Seller’s Bank : JP Morgan IOLTA Fiat currency (USD, EUR ...?) : USD Settlement method: Lawyer to Lawyer via JP Morgan IOLTA (John Glenn) Escrow fee: 0.5% or higher? Seller pay escrow Communication - in which time zone are the key person (s): PST Proof of Funds (POF) e.g BCL, Bank Statement, Cash video with code? BCL Proof of Coins (POC): Attestation

  • Procedure To start any negotiation between both parties the BUYER must provide the following documents to intermediaries: a. KYC b. POF duly certified by the bank or institution with a phone number and an in-charge person inside the institution where the funds are kept so a due diligence can be done. c. An AML&T letter duly notarized from the BUYER regarding the origin of the funds. d. If the BUYER refuses to send the documents mentioned above there will not be any negotiation at all.

  • We are willing to sell all the BITCOINS we have from our sellers. We have multiple cold wallets. Terms and conditions: 1. Terms: a. We only use our 2 paymasters/escrow lawyers in USA, both with IOLTA accounts at JP Morgan Chase bank. b. Buyer can use his/her escrow lawyer or corporation to send the funds to our paymaster/escrow lawyer in USA. c. As POC we can give an attestation letter from one of our notary public. d. We DON’T send SATOSHI due to security issues (no seller is giving satoshi for the same reason). Please read the following article explaining the reason WHY REAL SELLERS DON’T SEND A SATOSHI asatoshi e. We don’t open bank accounts in other countries, due to the fact that an IOLTA account is the safest account for all the parties involved. f. Seller does no travel with cold wallet or do face to face, due to security issues. g. We can work: B2B or F2F

  • i. B2B process: 1. Contract signed by both parties to be executed in the next 24 hours. 2. Both parties check for price at time of execution. 3. Seller issues an invoice for the amount of the tranche minus the discount. 4. Buyer sends the funds to paymaster/escrow. 5. Once funds have been released (not pending) on the paymaster’s bank account, the BTCs will be taken out of cold storage and put into blockchain (45 hours). 6. The BTCs will be sent to the buyer’s wallet. 7. Once the buyer have the BTCs in his/her wallet, the buyer has to sign a receipt. 8. The seller will send a copy of the receipt to the paymaster so the paymaster can send the funds to the seller’s bank account.

Buyer Mandate Only

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