OTCbid - Bitcoin Price Soars as Jerome Powell Confirms Crypto’s Threat To U.S. Dollar

" The price of bitcoin soared after Jerome Powell acknowledged that systemic threats have triggered a lot of digital currency projects.

The price of bitcoin jumped on Tuesday after Jerome Powell stressed that the Fed is investing a significant amount into digital currency developments.Adding fuel to the fire, Powell also acknowledged how quickly crypto could become a systemic risk to the USD.China’s “Belt and Road” initiative is expected to roll out a digital currency very soon, and the Fed Char was clear that the U.S. was doing its best to keep pace. " - Read Full Article

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Post: 13.2.2020

Seller has 100K BTC at -7% gross, -4% net, 3% brokers

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Sellerside = 1.5%

The minimum tranche will be 1000 (One thousand) Bitcoin with the maximum tranche being the dollar equivalent of 100 million USD.

Attorney to Attorney Procedures:

Procedures to be followed by Buyer / Seller Attorney’s for making the purchase of BTC.

1. The Buyer / Buyer’s Attorney sends contact coordinates to the Seller’s Rep for the Seller’s Attorney to prepare for the transaction.

2. The Buyer’s Attorney should provide a proof of funds that will be used to make the purchase of the BTC

3. The Seller’s Attorney will provide Proof of Coin by submitting a video showing the Wallet holding the BTC

4. Once the Buyer’s Attorney has spoken with the Seller’s Attorney, Buyer’s Attorney shall transfer the money into the Trust Account at BANK OF SYDNEY for the purchase.

5. Once the money has cleared in the account the Seller’s Attorney shall transfer the BTC to the Buyer’s Attorney.

6. The Seller’s Attorney shall disburse commissions as per signed IMFPA to consultants.


Interested parties should contact :

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