OTCbid - Bitcoin Price: Which Countries Have the Biggest Premiums?

"Up until early 2018, major cryptocurrency markets the likes of South Korea and Japan demonstrated high premiums for Bitcoin....Still, due to the lack of supply and the relatively high demand in some markets, Bitcoin is being traded at a premium in certain regions — some higher than most. Hong Kong’s OTC Bitcoin market: +2% to +4%" - Read Full Article

Source: Cointelegraph

300K+ Up To 1.3M BTC SELLER . Okada Casino, Manila

-8% Gross . -4% Net . Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 300K+ Up To 1.3M BTC @ -8% gross, -4% net, Okada Casino, Manila - Look For Buyer

(Seller: AA.....KN)

Post: 14.10.2019​​​

A Seller from American Hedge Fund is selling 300K+ BTC up to 1.3M BTC at -8% gross, -4% net

Buyer side (2-3 people Max) = 2%

Seller side (2-3 people Max) = 2%

Transaction in Manila

If buyer wants small contracts, the price will be Market +2%


1. POF via Sun City or Bota junket receipt first to be checked by seller/Mandate if enough for minimum 1k BTC. 2. After verification of funds Seller will arrive & show POC. 3. After confirming both sides capability seller/buyer will book a VIP room for the transaction & cash shall be moved in the room cash on table then start the transfer. 4. After confirmation of BTC transfer to Buyer's wallet the fund on the table shall be collected by the Seller. 5. Payment shall be paid immediately on the spot as per total successful tranche and continuously till the purchased contract is served.


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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