OTCbid - Bitcoin’s Coronavirus Selloff Throws Cold Water on Safe-Haven Argument

" As U.S. stocks tumbled on Monday by the most in six months amid renewed coronavirus fears, bitcoin barely budged - at least in terms of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency’s trading history.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) was down 4.6 percent as of 6:17 p.m. UTC (1:17 p.m. ET) to $9,517. But a decline of that magnitude represents merely the biggest drop since last week; already this year, bitcoin has suffered six other single-day losses of 3 percent or greater. And due to a powerful rally in recent months, the cryptocurrency’s price is still up about 32 percent in 2020." - Read Full Article

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-5% Gross, -2% Net . F2F . B2B . Switzerland . HK

Look For Seller Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, F2F, B2B, Satoshi, Hong Kong, Switzerland - Look For Seller

(Buyer : AF...KX)

Post: 25.2.2020


I am direct to buyer Mandate

A major Buyer is looking for 100K BTC at -5% gross, -2% net

Buyerside = 1.5%

Sellerside = 1.5%

An Asset management company in Switzerland is ready to buy 100K coins in the interests of the buyer in Hong Kong

10 cycles of 10K, B2B

The buyer is willing to pay in advance

Meeting and signing contracts in Switzerland or Austria

All parties can come to a plan to buy 10K in two banking days, satisfied with the buyer

Prefer Satoshi test of (0.01 BTC) on several wallets, showing total amount of 100k btc

The buyer, Asset management company in Switzerland has bought about 500K per year


Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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