OTCbid - Bitcoin 'will surge to value of $1million' as expert predicts 'enormous money'

" BITCOIN's value could surge to a value of $1million (£738,000) according to one expert, who believes an "enormous wall of money" is around the corner.

Bitcoin's value has began to rise again after a chaotic last couple of weeks. The cryptocurrency was valued at £25,000 on January 5 before rising to a price of £30,000 on January 7. But following this, it endured its worst decline since March last year, losing around 20 percent of its value in just two days. The drop may have deterred many, as volatile price swings leave investors unsure about the long term profitability of the cryptocurrency.

However, a former Goldman-Sachs hedge fund chief claimed that Bitcoin will reach a value of $1million (£738,000) in the long term – suggesting that there could still be profit to be made for investors. " - Read Full Article

Source: Express


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Post: 19.1.21


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