OTCbid - Coronavirus Proved Bitcoin is ‘Flight Asset of Choice’, Says CEO

" Could the coronavirus be helping to drive the current price rally in Bitcoin? The CEO of certainly thinks so.

Clem Chambers makes the case that the virus’s outbreak has made safe haven assets more desirable. For him, Bitcoin trumps gold thanks to its portability and convertibility.

Is Virus Behind BTC’s 2020 Gains? " - Read Full Article

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+4% Gross, +10% Net . F2F . B2B . Malaysia

Look For Seller Mandate Only -

NEW: 5000 BTC @ +4% gross, +10% net, F2F, Cash, B2B, Malaysia - Look For Seller

(Buyer : AV KY)

Post: 15.2.20


Malaysian buyer is looking for 5K BTC at +4% gross, +10% net, 6% brokers

Buyerside = 3%

Sellerside = 3%

Buyer in Malaysia wants F2F deal and wants seller to his POC , B2B or Cash deal up to 5K.

Start with min 50 BTC

Buyer will buy premium (market price +10% )

If you have anyone can do buyer POC we can start immediately ASAP


1. BUYER and SELLER will meet, using SELLER’s laptop, BUYER creates new email from , or whatever email provider he want without mobile OTP. Only SELLER is allowed with BUYER during wallet making. No one will use phones or write down anything during deal

2. BUYER creates new wallet from and click Sign Up.

3. SELLER will do the confirmation of the new email for the new wallet. BUYER job is done.

4. BUYER hands over the laptop back to SELLER. First task is to change the email address from Security Center privately. Complete remaining security setting for Two-Step Verification, Backup Phrase and change Password at Advanced tab. At this point, new wallet is fully owned by SELLER.

5. SELLER transfers BTC from existing wallet to this new wallet.

6. BUYER goes to Blockchain Explorer to verify the new wallet. Upon verified, BUYER will log in to his online bank or Skrill account to transfer funds for the payment of the BTC to the given account by SELLER or Call his Cash Guy to Bring the Cash on the Table.

7. SELLER starts validating the transfer if received, Once received or Cash is verified and Counted, SELLER hands over the new wallet to BUYER. Transaction is completed and may start next tranche immediately.


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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