OTCbid - Could Google 'Quantum Supremacy' Be About To Break Bitcoin?

" Google sent shockwaves around the internet last month when it was claimed the search giant had built a quantum computer able to solve formerly impossible mathematical calculations–with some fearing bitcoin could be at risk.

Details of Google's so-called "quantum supremacy," meaning it can solve calculations impossible with traditional computers, were posted to a Nasa website before being deleted, it was claimed by the Financial Times, a business newspaper." - Read Full Article

Source: Forbes


-6% Gross . -4% Net . F2F Worldwide . Hong Kong

​Look For Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 500K BTC @ -6% gross, -4% net, F2F Worldwide, HK - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  AA KJ)

Post: 2.10.2019


A Hong Kong seller has 500K BTC, at -6% gross, -4% net

1. The key is the cashier's check for seller's due diligence. Buyer will need to issue a cashier's check (beneficiary to himself) and send the info of the check to the seller or seller's bank officer. No copy of the check is necessary and the check always remains in the buyer's possession. Within 48 hours, after due diligence has been cleared, the seller will arrive in HK with the wallet to engage in the transaction.

2. At the transaction, the seller will either 1) give the buyer full access to seller's wallet on buyer's laptop so that the buyer can transfer the coins directly or 2) seller will transfer the entire tranche to buyer's designated wallet. It's advised that buyer brings his own technician or engineer to handle the coins.

3. The coins are institutional and so seller has to stick with their solid procedures. But once step 3 is cleared and the seller arrives in HK, seller can will and do full POC (satoshi or AB test) before starting the actual transaction.

4. The venue for the TTM can either be at the buyer's bank or a lawyer's office. 

5. Seller is ready to countersign the MOU as long as the buyer is also ready to commit and engage. 

Satoshi test can be done at f2f meeting in Hong Kong


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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