OTCbid - Crypto Bear Market Provides Opportunity For Major Corps, As CP Group Acquires Omise

" The crypto bear market has been the longest on the record books, causing most cryptocurrencies to decline in value by 85% or higher. While the flight of capital from the crypto market has been brutal for retail crypto investors who bought in at the height of the hype bubble, the bear market has proven to be a unique opportunity for corporations seeking to enter the blockchain or cryptocurrency arena." - Read Full Article

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+0.5% Gross . +2% net . Escrow . Wilmington trust . Unity

Buyer Mandates Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ +0.5% gross, +2.5% net, Escrow, Wilmington Trust, Unity - Look For Buyer

(Seller : M S)

Post: 30.3.2019

Seller is a private BTC owner. Seller provides a clean and steady supply of BTC through escrow service. He has a reliable trade execution process and is ready to work through Wilmington Trust (US) and Unity (Europe) escrow agents.

I am direct to Seller Mandate

Amount (min), BTC: 100 BTC

Amount (max), BTC: 100K BTC


Net : +2.5%

Gross : +0.5%

Purchase procedure:

Type: Escrow

Escrow: Wilmington Trust and Unity only (Seller is on boarded on both)

KYC: Yes.

LOI: Yes

POF type: Bank statement

POC type: Verified by Escrow

Face-2-Face meeting: No

Seller works through escrow service. Seller is on-boarded with both Wilmington Trust (US) and Unity (Europe) and doesn’t work with other escrow agents. POC is provided via Escrow. The trade is executed after KYC is passed and Purchase Sale Agreement is signed. Seller side pays escrow fees for the buyer. As soon as buyer deposit funds into escrow, the deal will be settled in few tranches.


1. BUYER provides LOI, the latest bank statement (redacted one with names and account numbers blacked out is fine as well).

2. BUYER gets onboard with Wilmington Trust or Unity escrow, submits required KYC documents.

3. BUYER and SELLER sign Purchase Sale Agreement.

4. As soon as BUYER is on boarded to escrow, BUYER needs to deposit funds to escrow for the first tranche. Parties can start with 500 or 1000 BTC on the first tranche and then ramp up.

5. Repeat process until the deal is settled in full.


Interested parties should contact:


WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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