OTCbid - Crypto Derivatives Surge, Bitcoin Options Open Interest Climbs to $9.6 Billion

" Bitcoin options open interest has reached $9.6 billion according to derivatives market data as the metric is nearing the high captured on January 7, 2021. Moreover, the aggregate open interest in bitcoin futures is steadily nearing all-time highs.

While cryptocurrency spot markets have consolidated, bitcoin-based derivatives markets have seen continuous action. At the time of publication, both bitcoin futures and options open interest has been rising significantly.

For instance, researchers at recently tweeted that “bitcoin futures open interest [is] quickly bouncing back to a new all-time high.” Skew also added that CME Group was now the largest open interest “by some margin.” Data from exchanges dealing with bitcoin futures shows that open interest continues to climb. " - Read Full Article

Source: Bitcoin


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Post: 20.1.21


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