OTCbid - Crypto industry leaders warn Congress: Figure out regulation, or watch innovation leave USA

" The cryptocurrency industry has a plea for Congress: Hurry up and regulate, please.

More than 50 industry participants gathered on Capitol Hill for a roundtable discussion hosted by Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, Tuesday. Although attendees varied, none were from anti-establishment groups popular in the cryptocurrency space, nor did they include retail investors who bought bitcoin as a speculative bet. " - Kate Rooney - Read Full Article

Source: CNBC

Up To 2M Bitcoin Available

7% Gross . 4% net . 100% Verified Seller

Buyer Mandate Only -

Seller rep, " I literally wanted to ask you the same thing. My seller is 100% verified, he is a liquidity provider to a MAJOR exchange. He is my most valuable connection, I can't afford to risk this. I expect your buyer to be 100% real and verified as well "

* They prefer POF/LOI before phone call first between Mandates.

1. Buyer will send to the Sell side a Letter or Intent (LOI) and a Proof of Funds (POF)

2. The Seller will confirm whether it has interest to sell Bitcoins to the Buyer

3. If the Seller is interested in selling the Bitcoins, the Seller will provide to the Buyer a Proof of Coin (ìPOCî), through a Satoshi or an encrypted message.

4. After POC, the Buyer ís law firm will do KYC and AML on the Buyer and KYC on the Seller. (This step is not mandatory)

5. If the Parties are fit and willing to proceed, the Buy side representatives and the Sell side representatives will negotiate the details (including the amount and number of tranches, and which escrow to use for the transaction) of the transaction and sign a Sale and Purchase Agreement, the form for which will be provided by the Buy side or their legal team.

Discount is 7% gross 4% net.

They can sell 2 million coins.

Interested parties should contact :

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