OTCbid - Crypto Markets Surge Higher as Bitcoin Continues Upwards Ascent

" The crypto markets have continued to surge today, maintaining the upwards momentum that was first sparked when Bitcoin began to skyrocket from lows of $4,000. Today’s surge has led many cryptocurrencies to climb 3% or more, with some surging over 10%.

Although today’s upwards momentum is certainly bullish, whether or not individual cryptos are able to continue climbing is largely dependent on if Bitcoin is able to maintain stability above its 200-day median, which recently turned into a support level." - Read Full Article

Source: NewsBTC


-4% Gross . -1% net . Escrow . Wilmington trust

Buyer Mandates Only -

NEW: 300K BTC @ -4% gross, -1% net, Escrow, Wilmington Trust   - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  E P)

Post: 7.4.2019

Seller has 300K btc onboard at Wilmington Trust. -4% gross, -1% net, -3% brokers (-1.5% buyer side, -1.5% seller side)

Seller rep direct to Seller Mandate​

Escrow: Wilmington Trust

KYC: Yes.

LOI: Yes

POF type: Escrow

POC type: Satoshi Test, Wallet A/B

Agreement type: Purchase-Sale agreement

Face-2-Face meeting: nil

The procedure of purchasing bitcoins is based on escrow. Once agreement signed and POF confirmation from reliable escrow received, Seller transfers to Buyer’s wallet BTC tranches as agreed in the purchase contract. Buyer shall pay to Seller via escrow only after each transferred BTC tranche.


1. Buyer’s representative sends LOI.

2. Buyer will receive full agreement or the purchase order from Seller and has five clear international banking days to sign and return agreement in full.

3. Once POF confirmation from reliable escrow received, Seller sends a public key of his wallet that holds 5000 BTC). This Wallet will be used throughout the transaction and on the contract. Also, upon mutual agreement, Satoshi can be sent from the transactional wallet.

4. Upon confirmation of the Escrow deposit Seller will initiate transfer of the corresponding tranche of bitcoins (no less than 5000 BTC) to Buyer’s wallet.

5. Buyer verifies the status of transfer and confirms the receipt of BTC.

6. Full payment for delivered BTC tranche(s) is released to the Seller specified bank account.

7. The process for the next tranches is repeated from Step 4 until the contract is settled in full.


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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