OTCbid - Goldman Sachs CFO says bank is working on bitcoin derivative for clients

"A top Goldman Sachs executive looked to clear the air Thursday about the bank's cryptocurrency ambitions after reports that it was abandoning plans to open a trading desk for cryptocurrencies.

"I never thought I would hear myself use this term but I really have to describe that news as fake news," Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer Martin Chavez said on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco. " - Kate Rooney - Read Full Article

Source: CNBC

1M-3M-8M BTC USA - Look For Seller

10% Gross . 5% net . Escrow . USA

Seller or Seller Mandate Only

1M-3M up to 8M BTC @ 10% gross, 5% net, USA - Look For Sellers (combined) (Buyer JK)

Astute buyer/investor in US is looking for 3M btc with Rolls & Extensions up to 7M-8M btc over a period of time. The deal can start with 500K or 1M, next 800K, 600K, 700K, 200K etc to reach 8M btc. Look for trusted seller with regular and reliable supplies of bitcoins. THIS IS A LONG TERM DEAL.

  • 10% gross

  • 5% net to buyer

  • 2% to Seller side

  • 2% to buyer side

  • 1% Escrow

  • Transaction can be Escrow, bank to bank or Payment Guarentee procedures

  • Signed NCNDA, IMFPA and CIS

  • Zoom call - buyer or his/her mandate and seller group to determine amount of contract and size of tranches.

  • LOI, POF, POC, KYC/AML compliance

  • Flexible procedures to be formulated and agreed between buyer and seller​ during zoom call

Interested parties should contact :

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