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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

OTC Bitcoin Dealers Annual Revenue BTC

New Deal: 350K BTC at -6% gross, -3% net, -3% dealers

3% Dealers: 1.5% Buyer side, 1.5% seller side

Say, if Buyer side has a team of 3 dealers

1.5% / 3 = 0.5% commission per dealer

350,000 BTC x 0.5 = 1750 BTC per person

If you have 2 big deals per year ie 1750 x 2 = 3500 BTC

3 big deals per year ie 1750 x 3 = 5250 BTC

4 big deals per year ie 1750 x 4 = 7000 BTC


1. As OTC Bitcoin Dealer, you may beat Hames Sharley (1960 BTC), Bates Smart (3070 BTC) and Architectus (3310 BTC)

2. You may need 4 big deals (7000 BTC) to beat Buchan Group, HBO+EMTB and Woods Bagot

3. You may not be able to beat giant Tech companies such as Deliotte, Atlassian, WeWork, but you may be able to beat Canva, ThoughtWorks and Iress by increasing number of big deals

4. To dream big, you could beat Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Hassell, Unispace, GHD Woodhead or Gensler only if you have successfully innovated a new global tech product eg. a Global Coin that can rival Facebook's Libra or Metal Pay etc.

Global Architect Companies Annual Revenue BTC

Leffler Simes : A$23.4 million (2018) or US$15.8 million = 1,580 BTC

Hames Sharley : A$29 million (2018) or US$19.6 million = 1,960 BTC

Bates Smart : A$45.4 million (2018) or US$30.7 million = 3,070 BTC

Architectus : A$49 million (2018) or US$33.1 million = 3,310 BTC

HBO+EMTB : A$52.6 million (2018) or US$35.5 million = 3,550 BTC

Buchan Group : A$84 million (2018) or US$56.7 million = 5,670 BTC

Woods Bagot : A$90.4 million (2018) or US$61.1 million = 6,110 BTC

Hassell : A$149.2 million (2018) or US$100.8 million = 10,080 BTC

Unispace : A$509.6 million (2018) or US$344.1 million = 34,410 BTC

GHD Woodhead : A$1.9 billion (2018) or US$1.3 billion = 130,000 BTC

Gensler (USA) : A$1.8 billion (2018) or US$1.2 billion = 120,000 BTC (World's largest company)

Four Australian largest architecture firms in World Architecture Top 100 (2018) : Hames Sharley, Woods Bagot, Bates Smart and GHD Woodhead

Global Tech Companies Annual Revenue BTC

Apple : $258.5 billion (2019) = 25,850,000 BTC

Amazon : $232.9 billion (2018) = 23,290,000 BTC

Google : $136.22 billion (2018) = 13,622,000 BTC

Facebook : $55.838 billion (2018) = 5,583,800 BTC

Deloitte : $43.2 billion (2018) = 4,320,000 BTC

Atlassian : $26.6 billion (2019) | $874 million (2018) = 2,660,000 BTC

WeWork : $20 billion (2017) | $886 million (2017) = 2,000,000 BTC

Canva : A$1 billion (2018) or US$675.3 million = 67,530 BTC

ThoughtWorks : A$500 million (2018) or US$337.7 million = 33,770 BTC

Iress : A$464.6 million (2018) or US$313.7 million = 31,370 BTC

Note: The purpose of BTC quantity above are for comparison purposes. There are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in total.


Architect Salary in Sydney (Building)

Average Architect salaries in Sydney NSW : A$92,035 per year (16% Above national average)

Junior Architect : A$71,817 per year or US$48498 = 4.8498 or 4.9 BTC

Lead Architect : A$159,291 per year or US$107569 = 10.7569 or 11 BTC

Principal Architect : A$174,435 per year or US$117796 = 11.7796 or 12 BTC

Senior Solutions Architect salaries in Sydney (Tech)

Senior Solutions Architect salaries at Capgemini can range from $184,363-$198,467. This estimate is based upon 1 Capgemini Senior Solutions Architect salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. See all Senior Solutions Architect salaries to learn how this stacks up in the market

Base Pay : A$184K - A$198K

Additional Pay : A$31K - A$34K

Total Pay : A$212K - A$232K or US$143163 - US$156670 = 14 to 16+ BTC


24/8/2019 At time of writing

* Assume 1 BTC = US$10,000

* Assume A$1 = US$0.68


Largest tech firms by 2018 sales estimates:

Apple, $273.3 billion (FY ends in Sept.)

Amazon, $228.7 billion

Alphabet, $131.3 billion

Microsoft, $106.4 billion (FY ends in June)

IBM, $78.8 billion

Intel, $63.8 billion

Hewlett-Packard, $54 billion (FY ends in October)

Facebook, $53.8 billion

Cisco, $48.5 billion (FY ends in July)

Oracle, $39.8 billion (FY ends in May)


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