OTCbid - Justin Sun Who Underbid the $69 Million Beeple NFT Has Bought His Second Choice: Picasso

"Justin Sun wants to create a blockchain registry for NFTs of the world's priciest works of art.

The multimillion-dollar question facing the art market is whether the crypto collectors buying up NFTs will ever convert to IRL art—and now, at least one major player has done just that.

Justin Sun, the cryptocurrency investor who was the underbidder for the Beeple NFT that Christie’s recently sold for $69.3 million, has just snatched up two blue-chip works at Christie’s 20th-century, Surrealist, and contemporary art sale held between Hong Kong and London on March 23.

After being informed that no similar NFTs were forthcoming at auction, Sun purchased Pablo Picasso’s 16-by-16-inch painting of Marie-Therese Walter, Femme nue couchée au collier (Marie-Thérese) (1932), for £14.6 million ($20 million). He then bought Andy Warhol’s Three Self Portraits (1986), a triptych of “fright wig” portraits for £1.4 million ($2 million). Bloomberg first reported the news this morning. " - Read Full Article

Source: ArtNet


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets." - OTCbid

-10% Gross, -6% Net, B2B, MT 103

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 900K BTC with R&E @ -10% Gross, -6% Net, B2B, MT103 - Look For Buyer

(Seller : VF...SR)

Post: 4.4.21​


  • Seller is selling 900K BTC with R&E @ -10% gross, -6% net

  • Buyer = 6%

  • Buyerside = 2% (0.5 x 4 people)

  • Sellerside = 2% (closed)


  • Seller sends a draft SPA. Within 24 hours, buyer will fill out with buyer´s required details, SIGN and return the SPA to the seller. Within 24 hours, seller will fill out all required details, SIGN and send back the SIGNED SPA on a PDF format.

  • Proofoffunds (POF):

  • 5 (Euro/USD) will be sent from buyer’s bank account to seller’s designated bank account to prove buyer has bank account control and then send bank statement showing debited 5 (Euro/USD) and total balance to the seller.

  • Proofofcoins (POC):

  • Please select and check one checkbox. Buyer can choose either:

  • The seller will show the readiness to proceed for the first tranche by sending a small test from his wallet A to his wallet B. The Seller’s source wallet must contain at least 1,000 BTC.

  • A-B wallet test: Seller executes the POC A to B between two wallets from the seller. The main wallet should contain at least 1,000 BTC, which we called wallet A. The second wallet which we called wallet B needs to be with zero balance to receive the Satoshi as proof of coin with a figure given by the buyer. The seller will transfer [Insert Amount max 1 Bitcoin….] Bitcoin (BTC) from his wallet A to wallet B to prove the availability of coins and wallet control. Seller provides both wallet IDs so the A-B wallet test can be validated on blockchain.

  • The Buyer’s Bank sends Swift MT799 blocked founds (see Annex C) which will mention: Ready, willing, and able; to issue Swift MT103 /72 conditional payment.

  • Seller´s bank officer must reply thru Swift to buyer’s bank confirming the successful receipt of the Swift MT799 blocked founds.

  • After receiving and confirmation of the MT103 Swift notification at seller‘s bank, the seller transfers Bitcoins to the buyer’s wallets for the amount stated in the Swift MT103 through BLOCKCHAIN at the rate of the day -6% net discount. The transfer of the first tranche (Schedule in “Annex A”) BTC must be realized minimum 10 clear international banking days after confirmation of Swift notification. All other following tranches will be released in a 4 days interval.


Interested parties should contact :



  • DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)

  • Telegram @OTCbiddotcom

  • Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577



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