OTCbid - Massive Bitcoin Whale Abruptly Moves $106,000,000 in BTC – Here’s Where Crypto Is Heading

" Crypto insiders are keeping an eye on a massive Bitcoin transaction involving a high-stakes, anonymous whale.

The big crypto holder just emptied a Bitcoin wallet, transferring 9,000 Bitcoin (BTC) worth $106 million for a fee of just $1.16.

The transfer was initially spotted by the automated blockchain tracker known as the Bitcoin Block Bot.

According to the most recent block explorer data, the whale moved the coins to three different addresses.

An unknown wallet that received 5,000 BTC sent the coins to two other wallets, one of which is an active Bitcoin address with 4,774 transactions to date. Another wallet received 4,000.458 BTC and subsequently transferred the crypto assets to three different addresses where most of the funds remain unspent. The wallet that got the rest of the funds also moved the coins to a different address. " - Read Full Article

Source: DailyHodl


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