OTCbid - Number of bitcoin addresses with at least 10 bitcoins reaches all-time high

" The number of Bitcoin addresses holding at least 10 bitcoins ($105,000) recently hit an all-time high.

As of September 1, there are 157,000 addresses holding at least 10 BTC—representing the top one percent of all Bitcoin holders—according to data from Coin Metrics. Beyond this, there are currently 614,500 addresses holding between 1 to 10 BTC, while around 0.5 percent of all Bitcoin addresses hold between 10 to 100 BTC. " - Read Full Article

Source: Decrypt


-6% Gross . -4% Net . F2F . TTM . Dubai

Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -6% gross, -4% net, F2F, TTM, Dubai - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  AD KD)

Post: 5.9.2019


I am direct to seller rep who is direct to seller mandate

I have 100K BTC European Seller for face to face in Dubai. -6% gross, -4% net, -2% brokers

BTC FACE TO FACE PROCEDURE 1. Buyer and Seller signs and execute the agreement with full KYC. 2. Buyer provides proof of fund via a statement of account no older than 3 banking days. 3. Both parties meet at seller appointed place in Dubai.  4.Buyer and Seller exchange POF and POC during the face to face tabletop meeting. 5.Buyer credit fund -via wire transfer to seller nominated account during the face to face meeting. 6.Seller credit buyer wallet address with coin equivalence lent to the amount deposit by the buyer. 9.Both parties validate the coin and payment is released to consultant-brokers. 10.Both parties depart to their various countries of origin 11.Next tranche continues remotely as both parties may decide. 12.The party that fails to perform within the given time will pay a penalty of $2M


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589





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