OTCbid - Travis Kling on Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset

"The conversation about whether bitcoin is a safe haven asset continues in the wake of Iranian missile strikes, which saw the price of BTC both surge and retrace in parallel with crude and gold. To help explain what’s going on, we feature comments from Ikigai Asset Management’s Travis Kling. 

Also in today’s episode, we look at newly published priorities from the SEC around crypto including investor suitability, trading practices and compliance program effectiveness. We also discuss former Bakkt CEO and now U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler’s appointment to the committee that oversees the CFTC. Is it a conflict of interest, something good for the crypto industry or both? " - Read Full Article

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-6% Gross . -2% Net . F2F . TTM . HONG KONG

Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K BTC @ -6% gross, -2% net, F2F, TTM, HK - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  RP  CM)

Post: 9.1.2020


Seller has 100K BTC offer at -6% gross, -2% net 

Buyer side 2%

Seller side 2%


1. Buyer issues a cashier’s check for 10% of the agreed transaction amount for the tranche in US$ (the beneficiary is Buyer), and provides to Seller the following information of the cashier’s check: bank name, date of check, check number, amount and title.

2. Seller sends SPA with Seller information for Buyer to review, finalise and sign within the same day. Buyer signs SPA and sends to Seller to sign.

3. SELLER sends fully signed SPA to Buyer and signs IMFPA.

4. A time and date for F2F meeting is to be agreed between Buyer and Seller to be in a private office of Buyer’s bank, such meeting to take place no later than 48 hours after execution of SPA.

5. Buyer presents the 10% Cashier’s Check at the TTM and puts it on the table.

6. For hard POF, Buyer logs online to his bank account in the TTM and shows the balance to be sufficient for purchase of that specific tranche.

7. For hard POC, Seller sends a Satoshi test from Seller’s Wallet A to Seller’s Wallet B in front of Buyer.

8. Seller transfers the specific tranche amount of BTC to Buyer’s designated wallet for Buyer.

9. Spot price of BTC shall be set at the fourth confirmation on the blockchain on for the transfer of BTC from Seller to Buyer’s designated wallet (in US$).

10. After Buyer confirms BTC has been received, Buyer transfers 100% of the funds for the specific tranche via wire transfer / TT/ HK CHATS in US dollars to Seller’s designated bank account(s) or if the same bank used by Seller and Buyer, ledger to ledger transaction or Buyer issues a cashier’s check payable to Seller for 100% of the funds for that specific tranche.

11. Buyer takes back the 10% cashier’s check on the table and can use it for the next tranche to start the next TTM with.

12. All parties can leave the TTM.

13. Seller pays all parties, the mandates and reps for the tranche.

14. Cycle repeats from Steps 5 to 11 until BTC to be sold under the SPA is completed.


Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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