OTCbid - Weiss Ratings Says It’s Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Now

" The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped significantly from it’s all-time high of nearly $20,000 back in December. In fact, the price has dropped so much that many people in the crypto community never thought we’d see these prices again.

At the height of the parabolic bull run of 2017, people wished and begged for lower prices to buy in at. Well, it looks like their wishes came true as the price of Bitcoin is hovering around $3500, that’s an astonishing 83% decrease from it’s all-time high." - Read Full Article


2M BTC Buyer In Toronto

-7% Gross . -4% net . Dentons . Toronto

Seller Mandate Only -

NEW: Up to 2M BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net, Dentons, Toronto - Look For Seller

(Buyer: J C)

Date: 13.12.2018

OTC - Dentons Sell Procedures: The closing of the transaction will take place in Toronto Canada at the law offices of Denton Canada LLP.

Buyer reuqests that Proof of Coin occur within a 72 hour window from the point that Proof of Funds has been provided.

1. Seller provides public address of wallet to be used in the transaction for analysis.

2. KYC: Nexus Networks will complete initial Know-Your-Customer process and client verification which will be submitted to Dentons legal.

3. Seller demonstrates control of wallet with signed message; satoshi test or agreed code.

4. Nexus confirms trade wallet is available for purchase to only KYC approved and vetted buyers.

5. Dentons will be retained by the Seller.

6. Dentons will open a trust account in the Seller’s name. The account can be in the Seller’s desired (major) banking institution and region.

7. Dentons attests to the Bitcoins.

8. NexusNetworks Buyer(s) are assigned to engage with the Seller in trade process.

9. Dentons attests to the Buyer(s) financial capability.

10. Dentons will attest that the Buyer’s funds are from clear, clean and non-criminal origin and to the Buyer’s capacity to purchase the number of Bitcoins.

11. Sale Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) and Escrow Agreement are drafted unique to each trade. 12. The SPA will be approved by the Seller then signed and counter signed by the Buyer with negotiated rates and fees. Nominated Paymaster is Dentons associate.

13. (Optional) Coins are transferred into Nexus Networks insured custodianship to be sent to buyer for 3 confirmations on the blockchain.

14. Buyer will wire transfer funds to the Seller “in trust by Dentons” into the trust account for the purchase of the first tranche (tranche size upto 100k BTC) of the SPA.

15. Seller will push equal to the amount of the funds of first tranche directly to the Buyer from the account In trusted to Dentons.

16. Dentons will immediately remit to the Seller the purchase price once the Bitcoins have been verified a minimum of 3 times on the bitcoin blockchain.

17. Advisor’s fees will be allocated and distributed as set forth in the Irrevocable Advisory Agreement, which will be signed by the Seller’s counsel.

Seller Mandate Only

Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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