OTCBID - Why Bitcoin is Not in a Death Spiral, According to Andreas Antonopoulos

" Over the past month, many reports about the materialization of a potential “death spiral” on the Bitcoin network were released, leading investors to be concerned about the short-term trend of the dominant cryptocurrency.

According to a security expert and cryptocurrency researcher Andreas Antonopoulos, a death spiral is unlikely to happen in Bitcoin.

What is a Death Spiral and Why it Likely Won’t Happen. " - Read Full Article



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Date: 9.12.2018

Wealthy HK buyer looking for 500K up to 2 million BTC in several tranches ( daily or weekly ).

Min $10 million worth of BTC per daily tranche. Blocks of 200K, 500K, 300K, 800K etc up to 2M btc total target.

4% Net.

This is the long term regular buyer if buyer found sellers seriously genuine and real deals.


F2F - Seller with a bank account in Hong Kong or Singapore

Buyer sends an Investment Agreement to seller, the seller signs the Investment Agreement, then he present that investment agreement to his bank. Then the POF will be communicated Bank to Bank only

The investment agreement gets the Transaction started because it involves his bank to prepare transfer of funds

Buyer requests a seller to sign the investment agreement with him to enable his bank register the transaction and movement of funds for investments. And this buyer wants the seller to verify a bank account in either Singapore or Hong Kong and ready to test 1btc first which will be paid for..

The seller to test 1btc paid for by the buyer

The buyer also accepts seller to work with buyer who has funds loaded in KB Chau Law Firm in HK

Seller Mandate Only

Interested parties should contact :

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