OTCbid - Will Jack Dorsey Help Propel Bitcoin to $250,000?

" Jack Dorsey is working on a kit that can help integrate Lightning Network to bitcoin wallets, thereby boosting scalability and BTC's value......

Jack Dorsey is working on a kit that can help integrate Lightning Network to bitcoin wallets. Dorsey’s Square won a patent for a crypto-to-fiat payment system.

Bitcoin can take multiple roads to a multi-trillion dollar valuation.

Tim Draper has not backed off his prediction that bitcoin will skyrocket to $250,000 in 2023. The venture capitalist who invested in Skype, Tesla, and SpaceX believes that key improvements happening on the Bitcoin network will catalyze the surge in valuation. Developments such as the Open Node and Lightning Network are helping bitcoin’s cause. Nevertheless, Draper believes that more engineering needs to be done so that the number one crypto can become a widely-used currency. " - Read Full Article

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NEW: 200K-500K BTC @ -8% gross, -5% net, Bank, Attorney, US - Look For Buyer

(Seller : RA CP)

Post: 26.1.2020

I am direct to Seller Mandate

Seller in US selling for 200K-500K BTC at -8% gross, -5% net

Buyerside = 1.5%

Sellerside = 1.5%

We need a POF and CIS so that seller can verify then issue an invoice which includes bank details for buyer to make payments


A) Seller Agrees to sell BTC and will provide proof of Coins (POC) by sending a live wallet address for buyer to search in the Blockchain Explorer.

B) After the confirmation of seller’s wallet address, Buyer provide proof of fund (POF) with Current date to Seller for verification.


1) After Seller & Buyer agreed on the above procedure, Seller immediately send a draft SPA and in some hours Buyer fill & sign and then return the SPA to Seller. In some hours seller fill & sign then send it back to the buyer on a PDF format.

2) Buyer pays for the agreed amount of BTC via MT103 Cash wire transfer or via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and provide the slip to the Seller

3) Upon Receipt of the Payment to Seller’s Account, seller will release the agreed amount of BTC to the Buyer’s wallet mentioned in the SPA and Seller will the provide the Screenshot to the Buyer as a proof that the BTC has been sent.

4) Buyer confirms the BTC receipt after six (6) confirmations and prepare for the second tranche if there will be any.

5) Seller pays Commission to all involved parties, and move to the next tranche of the SPA if there will be any. DISCOUNT: 8% Gross 5% Net for Buyer 3% Commission for both buyer mandates & seller Mandates BTC Price is at Market Current Price.


Interested parties should contact :

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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