OTCbid - With New Members Libra Still Isn’t a Threat to Bitcoin, Here’s Why

" Recent new members to the Libra Association look set to contribute capital, potential user bases, and technical expertise to help the project win favour with regulators. Yet, contrary to what you might have heard, Libra really isn’t a threat to Bitcoin.

The Libra Association recently added the Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify and crypto startup Tagomi to the governance consortium overseeing its Libra stablecoin project." - Read Full Article

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-8% Gross, -4% Net . F2F . HK

Look For Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 100K-300K BTC @ -8% gross, -4% net, F2F HK - Look For Buyer

(Seller : AN KT)

Post: 27.2.2020


A new Seller is a Miner who has 300K BTC at -8% gross, -4% net in HK

Buyerside = 2%

Sellerside = 2% (closed)

The Seller can do 5,000 BTC 1st tranche, and also large tranches as much as 50,000 BTC per tranche & the whole 300,000 BTC

F2F Seller´s Transaction Procedure:

A) Proof of Coins (POC)

Seller agrees to sell BTC and will provide Proof of Coins (POC) by Video with the personalized code given by the buyer and present date.

B) Proof of Funds (POF)

After the confirmation of Seller´s Proof of Coins (POC), Buyer provides Proof of Funds (POF) with current date to Seller for verification.


1.) After Seller & Buyer agreed on the above terms, Seller immediately send a draft SPA and, in some hours, Buyer fill & sign and then return the SPA to the Seller. In some hours, Seller fill & sign and send it back to the Buyer on a PDF format.

2.) Upon arrival of Seller´s Representative at the Buyer´s location or designated TTM venue, they will set the transaction and get started according to what step 3,4,5,6 has in place, after completing Steps A & B above for the POC and POF exchange.

3.) Buyer pays for the agreed amount of BTC via MT103 Cash Wire Transfer, GPI Wire Transfer, or via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and provide the slip to the Seller.

4.) Upon receipt of the payment to Seller´s designated bank account (in Indonesia), Seller will release the agreed amount of BTC to the Buyer´s wallet mentioned in the SPA and Seller will then provide the screenshot to the Buyer as a proof that the BTC has been sent.

5.) Seller´s Representative and Buyer will have to wait on a standby until the six (6) confirmation is complete and bitcoin (BTC) is sitting in Buyer´s receiving wallet. Buyer will make it known to the Seller that he has his coins arrived in his wallet by providing the screenshot.

6.) Buyer pays commissions to all involved parties as per the MFPA and move to the next tranche of the SPA if there will be any. If there’s no other tranche after first, both Parties leave then leave the TTM venue, Seller’s Representative has to drive home safe and sound.


Interested parties should contact:

WhatsApp : +1 786 254 6589




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