Post 18.11.2018


New Sellers:

11/17 - BTC Sellers:




1A. 250K  8/5 


have a US seller who can transact anywhere in the world "europe / dubai / HK" 

who will transfer the coins first then we can pay


he can supply up to 250K


He has 250k and can transfer them immediately in tranches 


Once each tranch is received then we have 24 hours to pay him


I think -5-8


2A. 10K-25K+ / 10/5


Buyer must submit contract if there is interest. 



No transactions in China or Dubai due to the regulatory authority 


At this moment, I can confirm the 3M is available again with R/E. Seller is moving forward with other offers. 


Test tranche can be any amount the buyer wants,


then 10,000 to 25,000 afterwards. If more than 25,000 is needed that is possible.


Transaction must occur via sellers IOTA Escrow Attorney.


Buyer can use their own escrow service 


Buyers side commission will be split as 1% each 


the sell side. 2% total 


2% Sell side closed.


1% Escrow is non-negotiable per seller.


This covers escrow for the buyer and seller sides of the deal




3A. UAE  Seller 


I am direct to Seller of BITCOINS.  The gross discount is 10% allocated as follows: 5% net to the BTC Buyer / 5% to the Sell & Buy side brokers.  NO red tape or delays.




1.   BTC Buyer & Seller talk together.


2.       BTC Seller provides complete CIS & Video of evidence of Bitcoins.


3.       BTC Buyer [USD-Provider] provides CIS and POF.  Due Diligence by both parties.


4.       BTC Buyer meets Tilgent Capital Trust (TCT) [Tilgent Pay in US] - BTC Seller Paymaster and Transactional agent.


5.       Tilgent & BTC Buyer share their CIS and arrange to have USD moved into bonded escrow account opened on behalf of BTC Buyer [USD-Provider].


6.       BTC Seller provides simple MOU [includes IPPA/NCNDA for brokers].


7.       BTC Buyer and Seller sign MOU.


8.       BTC Buyer/USD-P parks USD with TCT Paymaster in BTC Buyer’s escrow account.


9.   TCT notifies all parties the BTC Buyer [USD-P] is ready.


10. BTC Seller electronically transfers BTC directly into the BTC Buyer [USD-P] account/wallet (process takes seconds).


11. TCT releases funds to BTC Seller’s account and sends BTC Buyer's side broker team 2.5% commissions on each and all tranches.  Settlement expected the same hour and will reflect all agreed upon tranches.




It is important we all pre-advise our banks and the paymaster for receiving funds. We will provide TCT with a copy of the MOU and CIS from all parties to receive funds in compliance with IOC rules and regulations.




The MOU will be open ended and the orchestrated with TCT by both Bitcoin Seller and Buyer.




Buyer & Seller must agree to the exchange rate prior to all transactions.



4A. Deal 8094 Dubai , Cashier Order/TT , Total available 100K BTC


Gross price -5%


Net to buyer -2%


Commission seller side 1.5% (closed); buyer side (include Henry team +……….)




1 Buyer submits LOI 


2 Arrange zoom call with seller mandate/ buyer mandate to understand the process.




4. Paymaster is a CEO of a Multi National Company in Dubai. Buyer deposits his fund to the 


  paymaster account, and in return the CEO issues a Manager Cheque as a form of security.


5. Upon fund clear to paymaster account, he will notify seller to transfer coins to buyer wallet.


6. Step 4-5 repeated with each tranche max 1k btc, and can be repeated 10 times a day, until 


  contract is completed.


7 Face to face meeting to transact only, NOT TO NEGOTIATE TERMS.


8 Buyer reserve VIP room at his bank or can be transacted in CEO office.




5A.  8/5  - 2 mm btc


( I will send your contacts this weekend as well NEW USA/LONDON OFFER (2 Million BTCs available)




Below are two procedures from JPMorgan Seller




8/5 Discount 3% commissions, can use your bank and Seller has bank accounts in the U.S. and London.








6A. New deal : USA Wells Fargo or JP Morgan 6% gross 3% net 


Trust company 


1.5% seller side it’s closed 


1.5% buyer side


They can send satoshi






Send satoshi 


Send invoice 




Send coins




 7A. 100k BTC HK F2F




I am direct to end Seller.




100k BTC available for sale with roll and extension.




Cash deal face to face in HK at seller office in Hong Kong.




Buyer decide to have zoom or Meeting before dealing. In the meeting Seller will send santoshi to buyer wallet




Next day we can do transaction at Seller office. 




If buyer want to deal in hotel, is 100% acceptable for buyer to choose his prefer. 




Xe rate +5%


2.5% to seller 


2.5% split


1.25% Seller side closed


1.25% buyer side 




HK Dollar or USD acceptable






Seller provide POC in Santoshi to buyer wallet Face to face only.






I repeat, No discount?




KYC, POF or CIS is not needed for cash transaction.






Option 1:




a. The Buyer and Seller execute this Private Exchange Deed of Agreement which shall be deemed a full recourse formally and legally binding commercial contract between the PARTIES. Buyer provide Proof of Fund within 24 hours of countersigned contract directly to seller .




b. Buyer open a wallet address from the seller trading platform http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx and




email the wallet address to seller .




c. Seller Credit buyer,s wallet address with minimum 5000 BTC on restriction of no further transfer to another wallet prior to payment confirmation.




d. Buyer sends the deposit placement of $xxxxxxxxxxxxx   via Bank Wire Transfer to Seller's nominated Account.




e. On both Seller and Buyer's advice of posting status and screen details, Buyer shall verifies and authenticates the tranche posting.




f. Full payments is released to Seller specified bank account, of full purchase price of delivered BTC tranche(s), 3% commission for both SELLER and BUYER consultants/intermediaries.






Selling price is 8/5 net 3




1.% buy, 1.% sell, 1% escrow attorney








BTC Procedure




Documents Requested from the Buyer


















All Documents have to come from the same legal Entity.




After the following actions will take place:




A)     NCNDA will be issued.




B)     Contract will be send from the Seller and signed from both Parties.




C)     After the Buyers Lawyer (or Banker) will be connected to Sellers Escrow Agent and Lawyer to Lawyer confirmation / Proof will take place.




D)     Transaction starting according to the Contract.






Looking  forward to hear back from you.






Option 2:




6/3 Discount








1. Buyer places funds with Dentons escrow account.




2. S&P and Escrow agreements to be drafted and signed by both seller and buyer parties




3. Both parties to agree a price that is locked in, and time of execution.




Once the price has been locked in, the transaction should be deemed irreversible. No party should be allowed to back out from this point on.




4. Seller sends xxxx btc to buyers wallet.




(Seller will need to provide all parties with the transaction hash)




5. Once the xxxx btc reaches the buyers wallet (which is verifiable by anyone via and verified by Dentons, Dentons to release funds to seller. (please note Denton's is insured)




Verification that coins have reached buyers wallet should entail 12 to 15 confirmations by the blockchain.




7. Seller list ( source close to seller ) - all in spreadsheet . Specific procedures . Just ask on each.

these are the total 6.95 Million BTCs offered for sale in the OTC ps. total quantity mined for now is 17 Millions, 6 Millions are lost or stolen, 2 Million BTCs are on exchanges, around 7 Millions in the OTC markets, and the rest are hodled :)






7A. 3/1 Wilinington Trust - Seller 100K +




8A. if your buyer  ready to transfer the wallet to cold stored wallet in HSBC UK - we can sell !


if he do by our advise i sell for him 2M in 3 days i have POF bank officer to bank officer against satoshi and public wallet ID of seller signed by digital signature MOU by ink signature


9A.  Dubai 7/4

 No they video conference closing with Buyer Seller and ESCROW all on line to handle the transaction.


10A. 1-2MM MM  8/4 - B2B - Escrow  - See attached procedure - Provide Satoshi


Seller is right now in the states.  Currently in New York. He has a consortium of miners and that’s how he sells his coin. 100% Legit




1-2 Million Coins


Gross -8 / net -4



If buyer send MT199 as POF

Seller will send Satoshi


If buyer sends LOA as POF

Seller will send LOA as POC




This is for 100K with R/E – it can be changed

The MT799 must be in place for 13 months (although after 3 months the buyer can cancel, they just need to let us know). The reason for this is explained below*

You cannot monetize an MT799, we are using our own funds as cover payment

We run a 15-day cycle of moving coins from cold to hot – this is vital to cover point 5 and the rate we can guarantee

On day 1 we set the strike rate which will be the rate the buyer pays for the entire length of the contract, so for 13 months, the price won’t increase from say $7,000. If it ‘doubles’ during this period, we have a right to cancel the contract or set a new price. If it drops below, we will honor that price as we push the coins.

We can agree to set a higher discount for these deals IF the deal is for 200K btc and above (the more coins we move from cold storage the better for us on price)



A typical 200K deal structure with Rolls & Extensions:




MT799 is delivered, checked & verified – new wallet address is created for buyer

Within 72 hours, 2% of the total contracted amount delivered to the new wallet

Within 10 business days we deliver 48% of the total contracted to the new wallet

Within 15 business days and from that day forward we can move as fast as the blockchain will allow – moving coins to the new wallet

When the buyer requires the private key of the new wallet we will supply, completing the transaction









The buyer will receive an invoice after the 15-day cycle for the coins with a 60-day payment term

The buyer after that 60th day can then decide if they wish to cancel the MT799 and pay the outstanding invoice or just pay the invoice when its arrive and continue on with the block and purchase more coins



*We require an initial 13 month block (which can be cancelled after 3 months), this is for longer term BTC buyers with multiple tranches, if the buyer just wants the block in place for a few weeks then this program isn’t a good option.




Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions/comments.




11A. 1MM +   6/4 , 7/4 Provide Satoshi - see Below


I literally wanted to ask you the same thing. My seller is 100% verified, he is a liquidity provider to a MAJOR exchange. He is my most valuable connection, I can’t afford to risk this. I expect your buyer to be 100% real and verified as well


* They prefer POF/LOI before phone call first betwene Mandates.


1.   Buyer will send to the Sell side a Letter or Intent (“LOI”) and a Proof of Funds (“POF”)


2.   The Seller will confirm whether it has interest to sell Bitcoins to the Buyer


3.   If the Seller is interested in selling the Bitcoins, the Seller will provide to the Buyer a Proof of Coin (“POC”), through a Satoshi or an encrypted message.


4.   After POC, the Buyer’s law firm will do KYC and AML on the Buyer and KYC on the Seller. (This step is not mandatory)


5.   If the Parties are fit and willing to proceed, the Buy side representatives and the Sell side representatives will negotiate the details (including the amount and number of tranches, and which escrow to use for the transaction) of the transaction and sign a Sale and Purchase Agreement, the form for which will be provided by the Buy side or their legal team.


Discount is 7% gross 4% net.


They can sell 2 million coins.


12. 1.200.000 BTC in HONG KONG


 Then 1.000.000 BITCOIN on December in USA


1. seller requires a F2F transaction to conducted at buyer's Bank in Hong Kong 

(buyer pays for round trip airfare and 1st class Hotel for seller and companion as seller is elderly).


2. Discount to be -8% -4% sell side closed, Paymaster will Kambiz Drake APC.


3. Buyer submit a POF for the amount of BTC that they are looking to purchase, which is  (1,2 million BTC ) which will consist of 

24 Tranches total broken into 2 Tranches per day  containing  50 k BTC each Tranch.


If these terms are agreeable conference call will be setup for seller and buyer to coordinate exchanges of *CIS sign agreement and set travel arrangements.


I look forward to receiving your reply.